Unboxing Vids!

For the first time ever on this blog, here we have some of the unboxing vids of press kits I own. Let's start with a few PS3 Press kits unboxing vids:
- God of War 3 Media Kit
- Uncharted 1 Press Kit
- Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition
- PS3 MOVE Press Kit
- Killzone 2 Press kit
- Little Big Planet Press Kit
- Prince of Persia PS3 Press Kit

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Do NOT buy from this seler, I repeat... do NOT buy from...

We all know that ebay is no longer what it used to be. Not only the number of collectors grew drastically in the recent years (and many are ridiculously incrising the price of certain games and rare editions), but so did the number of speculators getting stuff for the sole purpose of selling them for much, MUCH more cash... people who don't give a s*it about games and only care about how much they're worth. To me, they are the Videogaming Mafia. But in this particular and completelly offtopic post I am making, which is not related with my collection but shows my concern about the terrible attitude some sellers have, I'm going to talk about the one most annoying sellers I've ever met in years of ebay trading... known as...


I start by saying it's not the only nickname he uses. This guy is probably a great example of the amazing speculation that goes on these days. And let me explain why... I've cross roads with him several times but never really paid much attention. I thought he was just another collector. But when I finally found out who the guy with the red (now green) star trully was...

It all started when I lost a copy of Snatcher, a game I was looking for for some time. I was outbid by this guy whith the red star. Suddenly another copy of Snatcher shows up. This one even had the spine card. The red star guy wins again. Hum, ok... I eventually won one of the copies on ebay, which came from australia, thanks to a friendly seller who did not mind posting to me.Some time later I decided to try and get a Knuckles Chaotix for 32X on ebay. Suddenly, I was outbid again by a guy with a red star. I searched for other copies of the game... just to find out that the best ones were all being bought by the same guy. And not just that. The guy was also buying all copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga he could get. And finally, when a mint copy of Kolibri decides to appear on ebay, I am outbid by the guy with the red star. Again.

It was only some time later as I was trying to find a Sega Multi Mega that I came across some auctions from a seller named spence.77 who had them for sale. And not just that. As I was searching ebay, I noticed the guy was also selling several copies of Knuckles Chaotix and Snatcher. Including the one I lost with the spine card. But instead of costing a little over £100, the guy was asking more that £400 for it. And the same goes with all the other rare/expensive stuff he won, all being sold for stupidly high prices.
Thanks to this guy, who wants to make a monopoly out of ebay, some sellers and bidders were led to believe that some games are worth that much and now prices are rising more than ever.

I've seen other SEGA collectors complaining not just about his prices but seems that he also tries to cheat on some aucions for "sealed" sega games. He does sell the regular stuff for normal prices but nobody should buy anything from him for what he does.

I won't buy from and I won't sell for this guy. This guy's a Videogaming Mafia. Just to let you know, here's some discussions about him and other sellers in message boards:

http://www.racketboy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=26553&start=20 http://shinobiman.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=ebay&action=display&thread=7923
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The next update...

Lately I've been updating the page much less than I used to in the past. Now that I look at it, it's been over 4 years since I started it. My collection was so small back then that it's almost... I don't know... amazing how far it came to be. I've said it before several times, but I never ever expected to see my collection reaching this point and still growing a lot.

Some pictures need to be taken in order to complete some of the posts I already wrote and I have not listed any regular games for a long time now. However, that doesn't mean anything besides the fact that I've been quite busy and with too much work to do. I still have some pretty good updates coming some, one of them will be something "big", quite "big", too "big" to be owned by a random guy like myself. And no I did not stop buying games even though I will have to slow down early next year. I have to save more money for other things in life, one of them being my dream trip to a certain place in this world.

I don't know when I'll have more spare time to keep this blog up to date, but sooner or later it will be refreshed with new stuff to show to the very few people who visit it regularly. I prefer it that way though.

I've also added some unboxing videos to youtube of some of the editions I own. It just came to my mind that U could add those videos here so you could watch. I should have done that before, but there's still plenty of time to do so.

Thanks for those few who visit this blog frequently, I hope you enjoy it.
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Castlevania meets Vanquish in a senseless post I made.

The two editions above are from two very recent games. I loved Vanquish, seriously. It's probably the most overrated game in the market right now, but I loved it seriously. It's too short, but good. Really good. I am not a big fan of shooters but this one... oh boy! However... this special editions s not that great, unless you like an action figure. This is not even a special edition, but rather a figure and the game with the lenticular cover sticked together with shrinkwrap around both. Some crappy editions have been released in recent days but if you want to call something a special edition of a game at the very least you must make sure that there's a place where the game must fit...

The other one is Castlevania Lord of Shadow. I did not enjoy the demo that much, it's too much God of War-ish in my opinion, but without the same feeling. That was my first impression of the game when pictures opped up. Some people wanted to believe the game had it's own magic, the magic that only exists in Castlevania games. But still, even after playing the demo I did not feel that magic. I'm still open minded and expect to change my opinion about the game as soon as I get the chance to play it. This Limited Collector's Edition kicks ass though, it's pretty good, not the best but good.
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Streets of Ra... er Tekken

The pic above is from a press kit I managed to snag some time ago. It's from one of my favourite 3d fighting games released since the early 32 bits 3d consoles. The game remains loyal to the series but unfortunately the usual "Tekken force" mode, this time called story mode... in my honest opinion it's pretty bad. The game itself is great but I don't think this beats tekken 5, my favourite one so far. I don't like to play online, there's usually too much lag involved not to menting the time it takes to find someone to fight with at least with me. The arcade mode is pretty damn good but you can't score higher ranks if you don't play online and that totally ruind the fun for me. There are some very interesting scenarios in the game and the gameplay remains great but the story mode just sucks, it's like a new verison of Streets of Rage game or something like that with a pretty bad gameplay. I still prefer VS mode above the online.

Anyway, it's still one of the best 3d fighting games around.
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New Portuguese variants

About 10 years ago no one gave a damn about the Portuguese market, except for Sony. Ever since the 1st party games came out for the PS1, many already had the Portuguese text on the back of the box. Right now we even have plenty of editions with Portuguese boxes. I decided to collect these editions because they are rare variants that even in Portugal are pretty hard to find after the release date. And the new ones I got are:
- Medal of Honor Edição Tier 1 (Tier 1 Edition)
- Falout New Vegas Collector's Edition (PS3)
- Fable III Edição de Coleccionador (Collector's Edition)

Lately I have been very busy and without patience to update the blog with photos. I do have many photos to take and to upload but for the last few months I did not have that much spare time unfortunately. Sooner or later I will certainly add pictures, but right now I'll keep posting the messages.
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What's an unemployed zombie? It's a dead body... >_>

Bought two shooters for the Wii. Both include their own gun. I'm talking about The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Zombie Pack plus Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles, both with their plastic guns. Nice packs!
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Whats the real meaning of Halo?

In first place I must say that I played the first Halo game and haven't touched a single Halo game since then. They may be good, but not exactly my sort of game. Halo Reach came out not too long ago and with it two editions were released: the regular limited edition, and another legendary edition. After the previous legendary edition that came with the useless helmet, this time we get a statue. Overall, the edition is quite impressive. The statue has plenty of details and just looks great. The box this time is more impressive. It actually looks pretty good and suits this edition very well. The collector's edition included in the pack has some nice bonuses as well. And yes, I decided to get this one. Pic bellow any time soon.
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Only in certain places on earth...

Some time ago I created a post about the portuguese limited editions. Well, it's been a while and I got a few other editions with portuguese boxes as well. And they are:

- Little Big Planet (PSP) Special Edition
- Might and Magic Clash of Heroes (DS) Special Edition Boxset
- Combat of Giantes: Dragons (DS)
- Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) Limited Edition
- Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Wii) Limited Edition
- Rayman Raving Rabbids Party TV (Wii) Limited Edition
- Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector's Edition
- Alan Wake Collector's Edition
- God of War Trilogy
- Heavy Rain (PS3, already posted some time ago).
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Modnation Racers

At first glance, this press kit didn't seem anything special at all. It had a funny shape, but overall it did not seem much more than a box in the shape of a car. But it's actually quite interesting. Inside this box there's the game, a press disc, a PSP code to download the game, colour markers and stickers. The car is all black and white with the logo of the game. The driver is plain white. Just like the game, the press kit was made in a way that you can customize your car and your driver by using the markers and the stickers included. I find that quite original.
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Bayonetta again

This time I found out an unusual slipcase for this game and I couldn't resist so I ended up buying.
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Coffrets, Sondereditions and Boxsets...

One thing about Europe is that it has so many different countries with different languages that some countries sometimes receive special box sets and limited editions unavailable in the other countries. Like the example bellow... a french edition of Sonic Dark Chronicles. here are several other packs like this one for other consoles as well. There's even at least another French DS Sonic Rush Adventure pack that I hope to get some time soon.
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Super Mario Galaxy Wiiiii :)

I though the previous game was amazing. I simply could not expect that they could do an even better one. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just amazing, impressive, awesome, I'm having a lot of fun playing this game. If you have a Wii and don't have the game yet, go buy it! It's a must!
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Red Steel 2

The first game was no big deal. But this one came out better. Play.com released a special preorder pack with a couple of extra stuff. It's nothing more than an extra box with some codes, postcards and a bullet replica. I bought it with this pack that comes with the Wii MotionPlus.
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I felt cheated this time.

Demon's Souls, a really good game that was not coming to Europe. After a while I thought I'd have to import it, even though I'm not a fan of importing games because my priority is always PAL. Then I checked the only place I could find the Deluxe Edition. And when I saw the prices, I nearly passed out.

But I managed to find a factory sealed version of this beauty somehow. And I still payed a bit, but not the abusive prices I saw on ebay. The next couple of days a certain Black Phantom Edition was announced to Europe... Oh well, it was too late as I already bought the Deluxe Edition and decided to keep it anyway, specially knowing how much a sealed edition may be worth in the future.
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Alan what? Awakens? Sorry what's that?

Well, I have not played this game yet, I don't know exactly what it is about and I have only seen pictures of it and heard it had a limited edition. When I realized it was good and people were buying this edition so fast, I decided to get it as well otherwise I'd be stuck with a used copy in the future. It's not usual for me to buy a game without knowing about it. It's a much bigger crime when that game is a good one. But even I have my sins as a collector. And I bought this game with closed eyes this time. Call me whatever you want.
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Back to the days when Disney Games were amazing...

If you collect older Sega games chances are you must have heard about this before. It's no big deal, but now the most Mega Drive and Master System dedicated collectors usually search for this particular box set. I never searched for this too much but I eventually came across for a good price and decided to pick it up.

This is the Disney collection double pack that comes with two games inside a plastic case. It was supposed to come with two Disney games for Mega Drive, Master System or possibly Game Gear (not sure about this last one because the boxes don't fit so well). The pack I found still had the original paper insert but only came with one disney game. I took the picture rom the back of the box because, well, it looks better.
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Go to Hell!!

Well, this was another game released around the time Darksiders came out but unlike that game this one actually caught my attention. The game's nothing special though, I was expecting a hit but after all the game's josu average/good for some. But anyway that's not the point of this post...

I knew there was a Divine Edition released in the US. Over here (in Europe) we received an edition of the same caliber called Death Edition. But then I came across something that's probably quite rare... There was actually an european release for both PS3 and Xbox 360 of a Divine Edition in a much larger boxset that included and extra action figure. I was quite surprised and still managed to snatch a sealed one. I already know that some companies like to offer certain gimmicks exclusie to one particular country, but EA seems to be giving particular attention to this one country that gets exclusive stuff like this...

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The Darkside also Shines. I totally underestimated this game.

This was one game that did not convince me the least when I first saw it in action. Darksiders, your usual DMC/GoW ripoff with little innovation hits the shelves, gets the good review scores, sells well enough. I wasn't very convinced. To tell the truth I only expected to buy this game much later (and much cheaper...) but then I came across what seemed to be a promotional case for the game that I had not seen before. So I picked it and when I got it I was quite surprised to find out it was actually a press kit.

Now, to admit my mistake as an experienced and advanced videogame collector and player (/Bullshit) when it comes to evaluate games from looking at screenshots, trailers and reviews before actually playing them, I have to admit that I was quite wrong this time and this game is actually good. Unlike many other failed attepts to copy elements from successfull videogames, this one actually does the job quite well in mixing all the elements together. Being an action/adventure game (the hack and slash sort), you will find way too many similarities with games like GoW, DMC, Soul Reaver and even bits of Zelda or Shadow of Collossus, all adapted in a good way.

And to apologize for understimating this game, I really felt like writing my personal review about this game.

-The gameplay is good, a little repetitive but still fun to play once you get used. The combat system is very simple, no tough strategies required, just fun to play. It may make the game easy, but honestly I found it fun this way.
- As the game develops, the scenarios keep getting more and more interesting and involving, with a great diversity of environments. There are forests, sewers, destroyed cities, deserts, underground areas, devilish dungeons, chathedrals and several different scenarios you can visit and explore, and they all connect close to each other quite well. The "snake holes" used to travel to certain points you visited already actually works well and allows you to go back to a previous location without needing to walk all the way back. You even get the horse later, which helps travelling faster in certain open areas.
- The map system can be quite confusing though, as it seems to work with layers that have different intensity (the highlighted rooms is the level where you are, whereas the faded rooms are either above or bellow and have their own highlighted map if you press up or down in the analog stick). To make it clear how confusing it can be, sometimes you look at the map, you can see where you are and the room you want to go to and there's no easy way to tell exactly how to go from one room to another in the same area because the map makes it look easy to acess the rooms but then you find out they are in different floors.
- The weapons, skills and abilities you gain throughout the game as you clear the tasks will make you to go back to previously visited areas and allow you to explore further to get to secret chests and items. This is nothing new, even games like Land of Illusion on SMS were great at allowing to revisit areas to find more stuff. Some of the abilities and weapons are not that original, such as the grappling hook) that allow you to swing using the shiny thingys in the air, but then there's the teleport ability that allows you to travel between portals that must be activated manually in pairs (haven't really seen anything similar before), or the one that allows you to see paths and chests that can't normally be seen. Although this doesn't add much replay value to the game, at least it makes tempting to go back and find stuff you couldn't access before. And there are plenty of secret areas and chests to explore.

So there you go. The game at first seems just another one, the "seen before, done that" type. But in the end it is a game that has its own way to develop and becomes quite interesting to play and to explore. The gameplay factor also helps a lot too. The fact that you can play little bits of other games, all in one, became a good thing. And unlike many other games that last half a dozen hours or litle more before the end, this one actually took me over 18 hours to beat. Not many recent action adventure games can take that long to beat, really. And that's something I consider very positive about this game.
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It's 2000 now!

Yep. Nearly 15 years ago I only had like 30 games. And for me, I thought that was a lot. I hardly believe I came this far. When I started collecting I never expected to reach such an amount of games. I wasn't sure how long I'd have the patience to keep going forward. It takes a lot of patience and time (not to mention... money), far more than I actually expected. I'm constantly dealing with decisions of what I should buy now or later, as I never know when certain things will not show up for years like it happened before. But I'm quite glad with my current collection and will keep going. A massive update will follow in the next few days :)
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Metal Gear Solid 4 big tin

Finally, I managed to grab one of the most important items that I did not expect to win any time soon. It's not the french version that comes with all the leaflets (I was told the leaflets don't come with the tin itself though) but at least I got that huge box that was released in VERY small quantities. This one's the Metal Gear Solid 4 kit given to the media. The press kit I got came from Spain and comes with a factory sealed copy of the game, a giant poster, a t-shirt and the most important thing... the big box. No leaflets like the french version. Hope to get those press leaflets some day or so but right now I'm pretty happy that I got this. I really did not expected to find this any time in the future considering that very very few tins surfaced so far.
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Sonic Rush Adventure promo kit

It's not usual to find these promo editions for Nintendo Games. I guess Nintendo doesn't really care about bribing reviewers like Sony and Xbox with those awesome press kits. But suddenly I was able t find this particular edition for the Nintendo DS. I know there are more out there, but unlike Sony editions these are not wasy to find - at all. I am still missing the Dino Excavation Kit for Spectrobes and Chinatown Wars press kit, but honestly I did not even know there was one similar thing for Sonic Rush Adventures and I'm not even sure if there are any mor eeditions like this besides a particular boxset for Another Code (Wii) I lost once in an auction. Will keep searching and if they exist I will get them some day.

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Fairytale Fights? More like Tragedy Fights...

Okay so this game is... not that fun to play. The concept is quite original I must say. The graphics are good looking and the overall impression of the game is actually positive. Well, at least until you actually go as far as trying to play it... The game is ruined with the average gameplay and repetitive levels that only last for the first 10 minutes of fun you'll have while playing it. And yes, this reminds me of Little Big Planet. A lot. I'd say it's some sort of cheaper ripoff. Except that you take off all the good stuff about customization and add a lot of blood and violence to it (just to make the comparison short...). If anyone could find this game enjoyable, that would be kids. In fact, the game itself looks like it was specifically designed for kids. But then, they added a lot of blood and detailed scenes of the animated characters being ripped to pieces, kinda like Happy Three Friends (only with bad and messed up animation). So basically, they did a game for kids that's not supposed to be played by kids... Does this make any sense at all? I wouldn't say that the game sucks like most of you will think, but it certainly isn't that good either. Anyway, I managed to find this enjoyable boxset that's worth to have in my collection. But this thing actually comes with some candies... Will have to throw them away (they don't even have a best before date, is that even legal?)
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First time I ever found this.

And managed to snatch it into my collection. This thing here is a PSP Go! Explore press kit. Comes with the fancy outer card box. Inside there's another box that holds the GPS device, a demo UMD, the press disc, a good looking booklet and even the PSP Camera. Why they included the camera with this kit surpasses me. The PSP Go Explore was quite expensive and it's no longer found in many places at least over here, so I do think that I made a good deal on this one. It's the first and only I've seen so far so I'm glad I got it.
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The Hunt begins again! And it's better than ever before!

A huge success in Japan, Capcom's Monster Hunter series didn't sell so well outside that country. Still, its popularity seems to be rising quite a bit specially with this new release for the Wii. Unlike the latest collector's editions where nothing but a steel case/slipcase, some crappy artbooks and some DLC codes are included, this one is filled with some pretty useful accessories, such as the Wii speak, classic controller, the game (duh...) and a Lagiacrus statue. An additional Rathalos statue was offered on preorders. I'm pretty glad I got this Ultimate Hunter Pack. The price for all its contents with the game included plus the two busts is unbeatable at the moment. Definitely worth the money.
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Too many Buzz games already. Give it a break will ya?

Not much to talk here, this is just one of the few presskits I am missing for the PS2, the Buzz Hollywood Quiz Press Kit that comes inside one of those film cases made of tin. I hate tin, it gets rusty after a couple of years but I added a speciall coating this time. This edition is not a big deal, but I had the chance to get it... and so I did. I believe it was never opened, but I may be wrong.

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My Wallet... Ends Now!

This game is just awesome. Bigger scenarios than ever, epic battles, more violent than ever... let's say that everything the previous God of War games did good, this one did much better. the official playstation network website ran a competition for the media kit of the game. The media kit is awesome, probably even better than the ultimate edition, except for the fact that there is no OST included. As for the rest of the contents, you get: a custom wooden box, some art cards, a scroll, a coin with Kratos' face, the game, a bonus DVD, a leaflet that's much better than the crappy artbook they included in the PAL version of the game... it only really misses the OST to be an amazing edition.

Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky guys to win one of the 10 kits available in the competition, so I had to buy it. And it was a pain to get tis with all the speculation going on due to bloodthirsty bidders out there. The website states that the value of this edition is about 50 euros, but I guess people prefer to pay at least 6 times that value.
Finally in my collection, the one and only... God of War III Media Kit.

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How I loved this game

It's been a very long time since I've played something totally new. Lately there have been many great games, but this one in particular... I loved it. This game is a mix between a videogame and a movie. It kinda reminds me of the good old point and clicks, but taken to a whole new level. The plot was pretty good, the fact that the game has several endings and characters may die in the middle of the game due to bad decisions is also great. In my opinion this game has the best graphics I have ever seen, even when compared to the monumental environments of God of War III. And most of all, I enjoyed playing this game so much that right now I am upset because there is no other game like this around at least for now.

The story revolves around an assassin known as the Origami Killer who kills children by drowning them in rain water. You control 4 distinct characters, including the father of the last boy who was kidnapped in a struggle to save the boy. I must say that knowing who the Origami Killer is before playing the game is the biggest spoiler ever since Aeris' death in FFVII. Loved this game!

Pic above is from the Press Kit and the Limited Edition of the game.
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Final Fantasy XIII

Finally, it came. The first new generation Final Fantasy game. Honestly, the game itself is not that good. It misses so many good things about the Final Fantasy Universe that... I don't know...

There is little to explore, and not that many sidequests to do. Not many places to explore, no cities and houses to go around searching for clues and items... the closes thing you get to that only happens near the end of the game and there isn't much to do anyway. The closest thing you get to a world map is the so called "open world" in Chapter 11 that's little more than a scenario like Calm Lands from FFX with enemies running all over the place. I miss a world map with cities and towns and airships to ride, I miss all those scenarios where you could talk to people and explore the houses searching for bonuses and small sidequests... where's all that gone???

The game is basically a one way road. When you seem to find an alternative path, it only leads you to one of those item balls - in fact you really learn that tere's nothing else but an item ball in every corner, in every alternative pach, in every place that seems to be the wrong way. Some scenarios are just too repetitive and if it wasn't for the battle system this game would be more suited as a hack n slash rather than an RPG with Final Fantasy in the title. the game's still big, but the ending is rushed... The story may become a mess if you don't read the datalog, and a lot of questions are very hard to ask. Despite all that, it's not a bad game. The storyline is good, the graphics and scenarios are stunning and the overall experience of playing the game is good. But still, not what I was expecting for a new Final Fantasy game. I miss those times when I played through VII, VIII and IX. After that it's been a downhill ride, seriously... Just sharing my opinion...

Above we have the two collector's Editions for both PS3 and 360, as well as a sealed copy of the regular 360 game with the limited edition slipcase. I expect to get the limited edition slipcase for the PS3 as well as the HMV exclusive slipcase for both editions. And not to forget the Crystal Bearers on the Wii which I got thanks to a promotion.
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Kratos is back. And more violent than ever

This game certainly lives up to its hype. Basically, what the previous games did well, this one does even better. Yes, the game's that good. A little short, but good. The violence is amazing, quite amazing. A few years back this game would be severely censored.

Above is the Ultimate Trilogy Edition with the Pandora Box and the Collector's Edition that was only available in certain european countries. There are other editions out there, including a media kit in a wooden box that I expect to get some day...
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Sexy w(B)itch

Bayonetta is a sexy witch that can seriously beat the crap of angel-like creatures while spreading her legs 180 degrees in every possible position. She even shoots from her legs while kicking and gets nearly naked as she reaches the climax while fighting some seriously huge enemies. And then we have Joy, some female-like angel that also spreads her legs and nearly masturbates when she first appears in the game. I said I love sexy babes when I first talked about Tomb Raider in the first messages of this blog, but this witch is serious business, she's probably more dangerous than sexy, she's just too much.

Now talking about the game itself, I did like the plot and loved the fast-paced action. It's a great game worth playing, specially if you don't mind some cheesy cutscenes with a fine shaped female ass fighting with extreme violence. Fan-service anyone?

Pic above is for the Climax Edition for X360.
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Black, White, Special Film... Anything else?

Seriously, why so many different editions for the same game at the same time? It makes no sense! I miss the time when games only had a regular release. Then there were those who actually had a special edition. Right now we came to the point where nearly every top game has a special edition and many have two or three different editions, some of which are exclusive to particular stores. And they sell like cookies. And to make it even worse, some are pretty crappy and include little more than a different package and some downloadable codes.

Thankfully it was not the case with this version of Assassin's Creed II. The Black Edition is actually packed with many goodies. No I did not get any other edition of this particular game, and I seriously don't expect to get them until I find a fine price drop. The Special Film Edition will certainly be an exception as it's not as easy to get. This Black Edition was a preorder as well, otherwise I'd probably be stuck with a used edition for a stupid price off ebay right now. Damn it.
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Mass Effectiveness

And this is one of those editions that sold out pretty fast. And then it was only found on eBay for OMG prices. Crappy speculators... I did get it for the retail price but I was 1 inch away of losing it. Right now the hype is over though. It's getting harder to decide whether I should invest in certain editions before they are released or wait until they actually drop their price. They usually drop, but it scares me to see them all sold out and hitting stupid prices after that. I never know if I should buy them now or wait. did buy this one as soon as I noticed it was completely sold out.
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The greatest Pokemon games are back!

It was certainly my favourite game besides the original Red/Blue versions. Pokémon Gold and Silver remade specifically for the Nintendo DS. I managed to preorder this particular edition with a 3D Holographic cover. I did not have enough cash to preorder the two editions, so I guess I'll be missing the Heart Gold version with the same 3D cover for quite a while...
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After taking a break... a new update!

Little time and patience to update this in the last couple of months. I had to make plenty of decisions of what to get and what not to get. As you will probably notice I can't keep up with all the limited stuff that's being released, some of which are sold out even before the release date. Prices for press editions on ebay are also rising a lot and that prevents me from getting them. Times are tough for collectors with less money when some foreign buyers pop up and pay 100s to get their hands in particular editions, increasing their prices to ridiculous amounts, far more than they are actually worth. Speculation on auctions sites right now is pretty nasty thanks to crappy sellers whose purpose is to get easy money from people that really care about particular items. And that sucks. It just plain sucks. I've never seen so many ridiculous buy it now prices before.

It's nearly impossible for me to keep up with this, so yes, I am leaving plenty of stuff behind. I hope that in the future my collection sees better days. I also have a personal life and I simply can't spend a lot of cash right now. I don't think that I will be getting those fancy editions I was used to right now, but I won't give up and I will deffinitely get them in the future. I've left a few behind and they will not be easy to find in the future. I've came this far in my collection and I'm sure I will be able to find them some day.

Here's the first thing I got before last Xmas... a Limited Edition Black Wii Console. I thought the price was pretty good, the console looks nice, it was a good purchase.

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I told you I would not resist for much longer...

...and I kept my "promise". I just could not really stand that one of my recent favourite consoles (probably due to its scarcity) was the only one without its original box. I've spent a couple of years trying to get the box alone but then I figured I'd do better if I'd just get another one complete as the box alone is nearly impossible to find.

Even though it was not the best moment to spend more money for me, I just couldn't resist, so I picked it.

Yes, I am talking about the beautiful Sega Multi-Mega Console. Finally, The only unboxed console I've had is no longer unboxed :). I did act like a 6 years old receiving his xmas gift when this came but I don't even care about that.

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Portuguese exclusive variants of limited editions

Something quite rare in the past, that is now becoming fairly common. Portuguese exclusive limited editions with Portuguese language on the box will certainly become rare variants in the future for several hardcore collectors, specially considering it's such a small country with less people, which means the number of these editions produced must be low. So far I was able to get the following editions:
-Uncharted 2 (PS3)
-Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3)~
-Forza Motorsport 3 (360)
-Gran Turismo (PSP)
-Motorstorm Artic Edge (PSP)

And I am still missing the following:
- Little Big Planet (PSP)
-The Godfather (PS2)
-Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)

I plan to keep all the editions sealed, but due to the lack of money I was not able to get inFamous still sealed, even though I do have a mint condition one.
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R/C Stuntcopter Boxset and a little something

I am extremelly surprised to find out that even after all this time there are still limited edition being found to my favourite console: the PS1. And this boxset in particular is quite a surprise: an R/C Stuntcopter limited edition with a t-shirt included. After all these years, I have never seen it before.

And at the same time, I found something that took me ages to get after my good friend Defcon got the one I found: a small, collector's edition promo of Italian Job. Thank you so much to Evgenij for sending this little beauty to me for such a low price and SO FAST. It really came VERY FAST by regular mail.

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Another PS1 pack

Another lovely PS1 boxset, a Spyro the Dragon combo edition with a themed disc case. Thanks to my friend Defcon that managed to send this one to me.

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Happy New Year 2010

Been a while. I usually never stop searching for games, but I get tired when I have too much work to do. That's wy I haven't updated this blog for a while. For now, I'll add a couple of the most important purchases. Mainly regular games and collector's editions, but nothing out of ordinary. I've had some personal and proffessional problems last month. Now that they are solved it's time to keep up with this stuff.

And since it's not too late yet, I whish everyone a happy 2010. We'll have some great games coming this year that I can hardly wait.

Let's start with something that could be rare but became quite common in the end. I heard about a boycot. In the end, it was one of the best sellers this year. Basically, I'm talking about Modern Warfare 2. And as you probably guessed already, I did get a Prestige Edition.

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