How I loved this game

It's been a very long time since I've played something totally new. Lately there have been many great games, but this one in particular... I loved it. This game is a mix between a videogame and a movie. It kinda reminds me of the good old point and clicks, but taken to a whole new level. The plot was pretty good, the fact that the game has several endings and characters may die in the middle of the game due to bad decisions is also great. In my opinion this game has the best graphics I have ever seen, even when compared to the monumental environments of God of War III. And most of all, I enjoyed playing this game so much that right now I am upset because there is no other game like this around at least for now.

The story revolves around an assassin known as the Origami Killer who kills children by drowning them in rain water. You control 4 distinct characters, including the father of the last boy who was kidnapped in a struggle to save the boy. I must say that knowing who the Origami Killer is before playing the game is the biggest spoiler ever since Aeris' death in FFVII. Loved this game!

Pic above is from the Press Kit and the Limited Edition of the game.

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