Is this really useful?

They say it's supposed to record images from the TV and some other things I don't know very well yet. Well in fact it maybe useful, but I actually bought it because this ain't something common over here, plus the edition on the pic is not the regular "for sale" set. This little device tells me it will become kinda rare in the future, although I may be wrong. Hope to give it a try if I have the patience any time soon.
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The best of two worlds!

In recent times, we have seen some things that seemed impossible in the past. The most "shocking" one is probably sonic competing against Mario in the same game. That would be unthinkable in the past, but today everything's possible. And the latest team up brings us two famous worlds together. On one side, we have the legendary Mortal Kombat warriors and on the other we have the amazing DC Comic super heroes such as Batman. Mortal Kombat is probably among the greatest beat'em ups ever created in videogaming history. The games were quite something during the 2d and 16bit generation consoles. But seems its popularity is now quite far away from what it was. As for DC, we certainly had quite a few interesting games in the past (remember the Batman games on Snes? Those were pretty good!) but these heroes hardly ever appear in any other style besides action games. Ahh good old times where those Disney and hero platformers were amazing...
Above is the MK vs DC press kit. Another collectible I couldn't let go :)
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Singstar is everywhere

This game is really everywhere, Sony started releasing Singstar games on PS2 and they were nice, but honestly there are way too many Singstar games and other titles that also use the same concept. I got this boxset here because it's something a little more special than the regular editions for sale and it even comes with the mics, even though it does not contain anything particularly exclusive. I was still missing the mics and wanted to get them somehow, so this came up at the right time. I should give the game a try when I have the chance, but knowing how bad a singer I can be, I'm not sure if it will be an enjoyable play (at least for other people living here >_>). The box itself is a great addition to any collection, as it resembles other boxes such as Gran Turismo 4.

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I still don't know much about this game despite the movies and pictures I've seen. Once I had the chance to obtain the demo edition with the artbook and the press disc, I did not hesitate. I expect to obtain the limited edition ocne the price drops - it's a great edition. But right now, I have other priorities.
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Victory Boxing

A pretty cool limited lauch pack for Victory Boxing on PS1. Pretty cool, the first I've seen. Has a plastic mould of a box glove, a mouthguard and a lealet about the game. Also included a double-sided poster of Vicky Lee wearing box gloves and magazine prnts. Also comes with the game. A nice find if you ask me.
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Playstation taste

The latest Combo packs and limited editions I've found for the old sny console. Still searching for others I'm missing. I naver gave much importance to PressKits but currently I decided to get a few of these boxsets. They were quite common back then, but now it's kinda hard to find a god condition pack.

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Updating soon

This is another time of the year before summer and everybody wants to finish work before going on vacation... So I'm busy as hell but next week I'll have some days off thankfully as some time to rest is always welcome, and it pleases me to dedicate my time to rest, to work on some things I enjoy and dedicate a little of my time to my collection.

I have only listed my special editions lately but I do have plenty of regular games to picture. The next update will include some of those games. I have at least 5 new press kits heading my way - unfortunately not some important ones that I wanted the most that I'm still missing and I can't find them. I'll be also adding some box sets that I got over the time and never pictured them so far.
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