Castlevania meets Vanquish in a senseless post I made.

The two editions above are from two very recent games. I loved Vanquish, seriously. It's probably the most overrated game in the market right now, but I loved it seriously. It's too short, but good. Really good. I am not a big fan of shooters but this one... oh boy! However... this special editions s not that great, unless you like an action figure. This is not even a special edition, but rather a figure and the game with the lenticular cover sticked together with shrinkwrap around both. Some crappy editions have been released in recent days but if you want to call something a special edition of a game at the very least you must make sure that there's a place where the game must fit...

The other one is Castlevania Lord of Shadow. I did not enjoy the demo that much, it's too much God of War-ish in my opinion, but without the same feeling. That was my first impression of the game when pictures opped up. Some people wanted to believe the game had it's own magic, the magic that only exists in Castlevania games. But still, even after playing the demo I did not feel that magic. I'm still open minded and expect to change my opinion about the game as soon as I get the chance to play it. This Limited Collector's Edition kicks ass though, it's pretty good, not the best but good.

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