Streets of Ra... er Tekken

The pic above is from a press kit I managed to snag some time ago. It's from one of my favourite 3d fighting games released since the early 32 bits 3d consoles. The game remains loyal to the series but unfortunately the usual "Tekken force" mode, this time called story mode... in my honest opinion it's pretty bad. The game itself is great but I don't think this beats tekken 5, my favourite one so far. I don't like to play online, there's usually too much lag involved not to menting the time it takes to find someone to fight with at least with me. The arcade mode is pretty damn good but you can't score higher ranks if you don't play online and that totally ruind the fun for me. There are some very interesting scenarios in the game and the gameplay remains great but the story mode just sucks, it's like a new verison of Streets of Rage game or something like that with a pretty bad gameplay. I still prefer VS mode above the online.

Anyway, it's still one of the best 3d fighting games around.

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