New Portuguese variants

About 10 years ago no one gave a damn about the Portuguese market, except for Sony. Ever since the 1st party games came out for the PS1, many already had the Portuguese text on the back of the box. Right now we even have plenty of editions with Portuguese boxes. I decided to collect these editions because they are rare variants that even in Portugal are pretty hard to find after the release date. And the new ones I got are:
- Medal of Honor Edição Tier 1 (Tier 1 Edition)
- Falout New Vegas Collector's Edition (PS3)
- Fable III Edição de Coleccionador (Collector's Edition)

Lately I have been very busy and without patience to update the blog with photos. I do have many photos to take and to upload but for the last few months I did not have that much spare time unfortunately. Sooner or later I will certainly add pictures, but right now I'll keep posting the messages.

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