Pictures coming right up...

As you can see, I decided to write about the next updates before posting a single picture. I just felt like doing that. I bet almost nobody reads the text anyway. I bet the few that visit the blog are just hoping for pictures. I'm just a regular guy posting pics of his collection, some of which belong to games I never intended to play in the first place. I also spend a lot of time complaining about... nearly everything so I believe there isn't much point in reading the texts.

So why to I write then? That's easy. Because I like to write about my editions, to say what I think about this game or the edition itself, or simply because I want to explain why I bought it. Ok sometimes it's just to brag that I have this or that, but still... I simply like to write whatever I feel like without thinking too much. I take it as a hobby. Spending time taking pictures, looking at my items, listing them individually on my blog is also part of collecting and I do it because I like. My collection is not just buying games to play anymore. Collecting involves more than that right now. It takes a lot of patience, and I really mean a lot but even after all these years that's probably one of the few things in life I still haven't grew tired of.

You can expect pictures by tomorrow and during the weekend. Besides adding the pictures of the editions I also expect to create some other posts and show some more regular games. I am currently taking care of the next major update =).

By the way, you probably noticed sometimes I write some words that make no sense, or some letters are just missing from a word. My English might not be the best in the world (>_>), but most of these typos happen because I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard that likes to eat some keys when I press them and every now and then it replaces certain letters with others that have nothing to do. Unfortunately I cannot track all the typos of my text, I found a few that I wish to correct but I won't be able to find them all. I just felt like explaining that.

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You'll not smile after you die in the first level!!

Deathsmiles. Yeah, another crazy shooter to make me want to tear my hair. Never expected this would have a PAL release. If this game was released here, why exactly the others weren't? Some things just make no sense to me...
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€50 the machine gun? I'll just take the helmet thanks.

Another one of those amazingly expensive editions that nearly cost as much as a 2nd hand console... Sony, you are going off the road... These editions might be limited, but of course most dedicated players and collectors will want it, so you know you can make some extra cash of of them. Then I have to blame myself for buying them because I'm stupid. I like them, I mus say I do, but the prices are STUPIDLY HIGH! The price for regular games are already stupidly hi over here. And this takes a lot of space too, where am I going to keep this if I already have two Halo Prestige Editions, plus several Guitar Heroes, a GT5 Signature Edition and a same sized press kit, a few steering wheels and the console boxes alone... that's a lot of space... They really don't want one single person to own all the editions do they?

Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, portuguese version. I was sure they would release a Portuguese version for this. I just didn't know that there were so few to the point where I only got this because I preordered. I never found one for sale in stores even during the release day.

Do the designers think we like to have the boxes ina very bad condition or something? Why the hell did they make the box seem that it's worn out and in bad condition? hat guy never got his designer diploma for sure. Some people still did not find out how to use brains...
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Blazblue Continuum Shift Shipping Box Edition...

Yes, this is a major ripoff!! If you consider the preorder for the collector's edition alone was available for about 22 euros and this edition cost nearly 80... What the hell were these guys thinking???

I mean, they release a very limited edition for the European market to apologize for the extreme delay with Calamity Trigger, which came to here A LONG TIME after the american release date. So they placed for sale this so called "Fan Edition" on this WEIRD website (at least for me...) most people never heard of. As a result the edition was sold out days before I even heard about it - in a few hours all editions were gone, or so I was told. I thought I was extremely lucky though. I was able to preorder a couple of weeks later and only because some preorders were cancelled and it became available again for the PS3 for like... 30 minutes??

Why did it sold out so fast? This was supposed to be an exclusive edition to Europe. Or at least so I heard! Yet, they allowed the edition to be bought by ANYONE in the freakin' whole world! Capcom doesn't allow that when they release certain US exclusive editions on their website - take that Dead Rising 2 Edition as an example. But these guys thought "Derrp we want to apologize our dear European fans, so we will place this extremely limited edition for sale and most of them will be bought by Americans derrp". But that's not the only thing...

After wasting nearly 80 euros to buy the damn thing when I could have just spent 22 euros for the collector's, there was a delay. So, in order to apologize once again for yet another delay, they added a mouse mat for free. Ok, sounds great. However, when it arrived I almost couldn't believe... I received just the regular collector's edition with an A4 hi quality print, a mouse mat and a bonus figure, all loose inside a regular shipping box. What the hell????? There was not even a special package to hold all items together?? I paid nearly 60 euros for an A4 art print with a code and a Japanese figure plus a mouse mat that were available for sale separately? Not even a certificate, or a box set? How can you call THAT a "Fan Edition" it it's nothing more than the collector's edition and a couple of bonus items completely loose and don't even have a proper box to hold them together just like... every freakin' special edition of any game! Oh my god...

There ya go, one of the crappiest editions I've heard of: the Blazblue Continuum Shift Shipping Box Edition. I wanted this for the Xbox 360 because I also have the first for the console, but the only Fan Edition that became available again was for the PS3...
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Combat of Giants

These editions were only released in Portugal and Spain I believe. I did not find them anywhere else, so I believe they will be rare in the future. They are nothing special, only the regular games with some bonus figures and such. But they look good and there aren't that many editions for the DS such as these so they are very nice collectibles.

The pictures are from Combat of Giants: Dragons with the golden dragon figure, Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects with the scorpion figure and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes with several figures and bonus items.
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The King of Fighters arrived pretty beaten :(

And besides the PAL collector's edition released in Australia, those fellows also have several other treasures that were not released anywhere else. One of them is this box set: a King of Fighters Collector's Edition limited to only 500 pieces that comes with a Kyo statue and an authentication certificate. However... even a well trained monkey could to a better job to package this edition and sent it to the other side of the world... so it came pretty beaten... :(

There's a different one for the 360, with a different statue. I have to keep an eye on that one because I know that once it's gone, it's probably gone for a long time.
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Resident Evil 5 PAL Boxset? I really had no idea!

Ya know that limited edition that came out in several countries with different goodies? Ya probably also know that all we European costumers got was only a crappy steelbook edition with no extra content at all...


The Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition Boxset had a PAL release in Australia and it's very very similar to the US version. It comes with all the items the american version had. It's an Australian exclusive, but it surely is the PAL version.

I bought the game for the PS3 some time ago and finished it. It was quite enjoyable to play but... where was the "horror" anyway? It is a survival game for sure but it doesn't scare anyone I think... This game was a walk in a park compared to Dead Space.Still, as I already said, it was enjoyable to play. I prefer they leave the co-op alone or create an alternative mode for that if they want to but this is the sort of game I'd like to play alone. I've had a lot of trouble beating the final Uroboros, and I really mean a lot of trouble. It wouldn't kill me easily, but after wasting all my ammo it was not dying. Even after knowing I had to shoot those bulbs it releases once it's weakened, I still did not quite figure why the hell it took me so long to kill it. Now zombies are inteligent and can run fast. They kinda did that already in RE4, but I miss the old dumb zombies... Give T-virus back, please?? Thank you.
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Opening the pandora box

And two years after I made this purchase, it finally arrived in the mail: the Pandora portable system, running linux. I still did not have the time to test it, but once the weekend arrives I'm gonna play a little!
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No I did not steal a bank...

... but this made some serious damage that's gonna take some time to recover, and I ain't kidding when I say that. Sooner or later I'll have to go on a videogame diet because if I keep buying games like I've been buying in the last few months I'll never be able to recover from the damage.

You probably already know what it is, no need to mention. The picture speaks for itself...

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Eggman?? It's Robotnik you fools!

And the mascot we all used to love partially loses its shine when it comes to 3D games. Oh well... Sonic Colours is a good game. I've played just a little bit, but it's not the sort of game that catches my attention. I was fairly more excited about Sonic 4 than this one. And I still did not play 4 (I hate downloadale-only games!). I got this limited edition pack for the Wii. There's also a similar pack for DS but comes with three different figurines. It looks pretty cool!
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Look! That guy killed another one!

I've already gotten Assassin's Creed II Black Edition for the 360 but since I'm taking my collection quite seriously I've kept it sealed and sealed it shall remain. Then the Codex Edition for Brotherhood came out. There was this White Edition I as still missing but I obviously expected to get it. Well, for 30 euros or so, I thought it was a good option, especially because I really wanted to play the game. So I opened my white edition this time and decided to play the game. Honestly, I barely knew this was a sandbox game. I was expecting something more... straightforward. After all those 10 (if not 100s) of hours playing different GTA games and such, I kinda grew tired of sandbox games. This game however did fairly well. A little repetitive, but overall the story develops fairly well and it's actually enjoyable to play. I eventually finished the game but obviously left a lot of things to do to save my patience for other games and I no longer have the spare time to play like I used to in the past. Instead of perfecting games I just move on to others now.

I must say that the Codex edition is one of the greatest collector's editions I've seen lately. Not because it's impressive, but because it is a very complete edition, brings a lot of extra stuff and all fit in a nicely looking box (although the plastic feels kinda cheap, but it's not much worse than GoW III's Pandora's Box anyway). The only think missing is a better outer package (Halo Reach anyone?) and an action figure or statue like the previous games. But then, it's not a huge box that wastes a lot of space and costs a lot of money such as many of the latest special editions and the price was pretty good for all it comes with: 90 euros, just about 20 euros more than most regular games on their release date over here. Deffinitely worth purchasing in my opinion!

I'm still missing Auditore Edition though, but that was just a handicaped Codex Edition with less contents and the difference in price was so small it almost makes no sense to buy it over the Codex one. It does look very good though, great eyecandy effect they got in there. But I'd rather have a beautiful babe's face on the box... Still, something I'll try to get in the future but not right now.

Pictures are (obviously) from the PS3 versions of Assassins Creed II White Edition and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Codex Edition.
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Well, that's all I can say... I don't know much about this game yet besides the title. I don't have the collector's edition or the talent pack yet. But the press kit is quite something... the complete game plus 2 extra discs (one of them being the soundtrack) and some fancy artwork resembling the Tekken 5 press kit... that was pretty nice! This is another game I expect to play soon!
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The newly released Mega Drive games

I have to say... when I preordered Pier Solar, I never expected that a few guys could pull out such an amazing masterpiece.


All said. Everything about this game is good: the graphics are very impressive for a 16bit game made by fans, the soundtrack is amazing and the improving soundtrack CD that allows you to get a better sound quality while playing thanks to the Mega CD... to me that is something totally out of this world. The package this comes with is so beautiful and professionally done that it totally made me drool. I still did not play the game. I can hardly wait to play it, but after watching an unboxing video of this beauty I wasn't able to open my package. Instead, I peordered the reprint edition and I promised myself I will unbox my Sega Mega Drive 2 (oh wait, it's already unboxed!) and I will deffinitely play it as soon as I get it! And honestly, I can hardly wait.

Besides Pier Solar, there's also another game I recently ordered from Super Fighter Team: The Legend of Wukong. Some time ago I also bought Beggar Prince from them. When I realized this game had artwork to manual, cover and cartridge, I rushed to get one of the 1st/2nd print versions and was able to get it off ebay for about £30. I know these games are not really new, instead they are adapted versions of games that never came out of certain countries in asia. But still, it makes me quite happy!

For now, I think I have all the latest releases fr the Sega Mega Drive Console: Pier Solar, Legend of Wukong and the two main versions of Beggar Prince! It's awesome that after such a long time people are still producing games for such an old and amazing console!
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Vampires are sexy now. When will zombies become too?

Dead Rising was a game that came out by the time I did not have an Xbox 360. Although I got the game at a bargain price and I'm still missing the tin edition, I decided to pick up this Outbreak Edition for PS3. The Zombrex edition may come to my collection some time soo, especially if it's the 360 version. People talk about how bad this game is compared to the 360 version, but as far as I can tell, according to reviews, the problems are only details. I'm not a graphic whore, plus the PS3 version was still available for a cheaper price. So who cares if the 360 is a little better if I compare the pixels on the screen? I really don't mind. Yes, I don't like to know that producers are not doing their job properly. But that's a different discussion.
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The next COD game will offer you a real AK7 for just €500.

Yup... for about 130 euros I got the prestige edition with the incomplete hardened edition and the RC car. They surely have some original ideas, but stupidly high prices for a single game. It took me a while until I decided to buy the game. First, I said I wasn't going to buy that. But then... I ended up buying. I am a weak person, really...

Finished the game. Good, but more of the same without nothing original... Storyline is nice but a little confusing. The ending is pretty good though, a little unexpected. I do have trouble understanding all those americanized soldiers are saying... I'm not really a fan of shooters, but I must say that MW2 1 and 2, but specially 1, are the best of their kind in recent years.
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Now it's the heroes' fashion this year?

And finally, two games came out: DC Online Universe with a fancy press kit I got for a fair price and Marvel VS Capcom 3. Unfortunately, there is no Limited Edition for us in Europe for this second game. We only got a bonus comic book and Gamestation also released the Tin case for free. But the tin case is nothing but an extra you get with the regular copy of the game. It doesn't even come sealed. Shame, shame! I hate these crappy tin cases. They look good but they are cheap versions of the original DVD steelbooks and as cheap as they are, they rust over the years. And the great looking tins will drive me crazy once they get rusty. I hate that with all my heart!

As far as the games go, I still didn't have the chance to play DC Universe. Being an online only game doesn't help either. I don't really like to play online that much, I'd rather play against friends and people that I know on a VS mode. Marvel VS Capcom 3 is an awesome game, too bad that I suck at it and get easily irritated. I love Street Fighter 4 and can do quite well even against strong opponents online, but this one? I suck at it. Tried very hard, lost the first round 4 or 5 times and the only chance I had to win that first round I lost because I forgot to remove the time limit and it ended. Sure, I had less life when it ended, but the remaining opponent didn't have much either so I did have a chance. I finished the game several times in Normal and Hard modes but never played online because I knew I'd be badly owned. But this game can become frustrating, at least for me, so I'd rather stop before I kill myself or destroy the controller... >_>
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The Real Driving Simulation. It ran over my wallet!! Twice!!

After such a long time, Gran Turismo 5 is finally here. And with it came a stupidly expensive edition, a press kit and a collectors edition as well. Damn! I'm getting a little tired of editions that almost cost as much as the console itself, it just makes no sense. But still, people buy them and Sony makes more. f these editions get so expensive in the future I won't be able to get them just like that. Oh well...

I must say that I was not really expecting much from this game any longer. I did not think of playing it, but still decided to give it a try. I was kinda impressed. The game surely lives up for its hype in my opinion. The gameplay is awesome, the physics in this game are really unique compared to anything else I've played on a console. The graphics however are not what I was expecting. Gran Turismo 1 to 3 were really impressive graphically speaking, but this one is... god, but not very impressive in my opinion. I got all gold licenses and still made gold on a few special events such as the AMG race in the rain. One of the races took me hours to get gold and it almost drove me nuts as it seemed fairly impossible and no matter how good I was doing I just couldn't get any better than 1 sec away from gold which was barely enough for silver. Yeah I'm talking about the first race on Grand Tour SE. That was tough. Eventually I removed the game from the console after a couple of weeks without completing most regular events. To be fair, I played GT1 to 3 for such a long time that I eventually grew tired of the game. I was still great to played it, I really loved the game, but unfortunately I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon with so many things to play.

Pics are from the Portuguese Signature Edition still sealed, Portuguese Collector's edition and the Press Kit =). No I did not try to get the real car with the card that comes with the signature edition. I don't like B-spec and even if I won the car I would just sell it. I wouldn't be able to maintain a car like that unless I won the lottery.
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Happy Birthday Mario! (hey, it's never too late ^_^)

Ahhh... back to the old days when videogames were as fun as ever! This edition is amazing, it's a great way to celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary! I really - really loved this edition and it's contents, for such an awesome price. I only wished they also included Super Mario orld on the Snes, but I'm happy enough! Happy Birthday Mario!!!
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The game that really stressed me... Is back to stress me again!!

And I swear for God's sake that this will be the next thing I will be playing after I finish the games I'm now playing. I played the first title on the PS3 not too long ago, soon after finishing Resi Evil 5. Oh boy, if it wasn't a refreshing experience in the Survival Horror department... I was the best game of it's genre I have played in a very long time, and it did cause a lot of stress on me because some parts can really scare the hell out of one person. I'm not the sort to get scared just like that, but I stress a lot with the suspense of knowing something's gonna happen or show up but not knowing when. The atmosphere of this game is just fantastic. The only thing I hated was those sorts of vacuum areas with air coming from the floor that would simply thorn Isaac apart... I found that was stupid. But the rest of the game was an awesome experience to play!

Bellow is the only collector's edition that came to Europe with the replica of the Plasma Cutter. Unfortunately the gun is kinda sucky, it doesn't even rotate! At the very least that thing could rotate!!

Anyway, this shouldn't be the version I'll be playing. I will be getting one of the PS3 pal editions which comes with Extraction (I don't have it for the Wii) and plan to get through that game first!
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This! Is!.... Ghost of Sparta!

Yes you heard about it. Yes Sony was offering it on the PSN website. No I did not win it. Yes I did pay for it. No it wasn't expensive. Yes I was lucky. No, I did not play this one yet, and I believe it's the only GoW game I still haven't played. And yes I do expect to play the game once I get the original copy.

I know this game stands somewhere after II and before III. I finished the previous PSP game and loved it but unfortunately I now have other things to play, such as Golden Sun on my Nintendo DS. This one will have to wait for a while, but I'll eventually play it. This press kit is not as impressive as the one for PS3, which is a good thing in a way, mainly because of the amazingly stupid prices some people ask for it, EVEN WHEN THE TRUE VALUE WAS LISTED ON THE PSN WEBSITE. But noooo, nowadays it's the press kit fever. "Oh Noes I got this really crappy press kit with is just a bunch of promo items and a disc, gonna sell for £200 on ebay because people actually pay for it!"
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Go to Jail!

And with that same edition of 007, I also got this Monopoly edition for the Wii. This is a press kit for sure as it comes with a media disc. I don't know much about monopoly on videogame consoles though but I couldn't let this one get away!
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Nobody really expected this game would return

But Nintendo surprised us by releasing an old time classic: 007 Goldeneye. I must say that I didn't play the first game that much mainly because I was not given an N64 back in the days. I only played at my friend's home and even so the console wasn't his. So, there isn't much I know about the first game besides all the videos and images I saw back then. I believe it's considered one of the best shooters of its age and it's impressive that this particular title saw the day of light once again on the Wii.

This litle pack I found is realy interesting! Unfortunately it doesn't come with the gold controller, so I'll have to get that pack some time in the future. But does have two small bottler of alcoohol. How long do these last? I hope forever cause I want to keep the bottles sealed :)
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Guitar Hero, Band hero, DJ Hero, Rock Band... Isn't that a little too much??

Yes, I am sick of games like this. The first... 4 or so were funny. But now? It's just sick. There are way too may now. And most of them have the complete band. That's enough dudes, knock it off... It's not funny anymore, people are getting tired...

I believe this was only available for stores to help promoting the game. It's nothing special, but considering it's not for sale, I thought it was worth to pick!
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