My Wallet... Ends Now!

This game is just awesome. Bigger scenarios than ever, epic battles, more violent than ever... let's say that everything the previous God of War games did good, this one did much better. the official playstation network website ran a competition for the media kit of the game. The media kit is awesome, probably even better than the ultimate edition, except for the fact that there is no OST included. As for the rest of the contents, you get: a custom wooden box, some art cards, a scroll, a coin with Kratos' face, the game, a bonus DVD, a leaflet that's much better than the crappy artbook they included in the PAL version of the game... it only really misses the OST to be an amazing edition.

Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky guys to win one of the 10 kits available in the competition, so I had to buy it. And it was a pain to get tis with all the speculation going on due to bloodthirsty bidders out there. The website states that the value of this edition is about 50 euros, but I guess people prefer to pay at least 6 times that value.
Finally in my collection, the one and only... God of War III Media Kit.

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