Even great heroes get old...

Solid Snake is a well known character from the videogaming history. Ever since the NES version of the genius creator Hideo Kojima was released, the fame of this series increased drastically, specially after the release of Metal Gear Solid for Playstation 1. I was amazed when I bought the game and thought it was the best game I had played in a long time. Solid Snake is back, this time older than before. This will be the final game according to Mr. Kojima (well, the first Final Fantasy game was supposed to be the only one anyway so we will see what happens in the future). This is the European Limited Edition. Looking at Ebay prices and not being able to find any available for sale a few hours after the game was available over here, I knew I was in trouble to get it.

However, Luck was on my side. Because of the major strike among European truck drivers due to the increasing price in fuels and oil, the release date of this game over here was delayed for one day. I was unable to get the special edition in the release day. However, since the release day was also a holiday in Lisbon, I knew that my only chance to get this edition for the right price was to go to the most important store in Lisbon the next day (Saturday) and get it as soon as it opened. Luckily, there was a single edition left, in perfect condition, when I got there. It is now mine ^_^!
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Burnout Revenge

This prticular promo kit does not include anything related to the game. It either is incomplete or it really is just this: a crash kit with a camera (nice!), a paper ruler, a pen and even one of those insurance papers with the Burnout logo. It is very original I must say. Another one of those editions that I enjoy collectiong. I had no idea this even existed.

Note. Since I am not a fan of violence, accidents and people suffering, all occupants were uninjured in the picture selected for the background, despite the nasty look of the cars.
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I knew they would like to release a Pink PSP, but to actually use the popstar as a reference to sell the console itself was something unexpected. This small (but large) promo folder is a 3d paper model (great looking by the way) with the promo disc and the UMD music video that comes with the PSP Pink Edition. A pretty nice addition to the collection, and great looking. I really thought it was not worth buying when I first found out and let it go, but now that I have my own I do consider this a pretty nice purchase!
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SNES Starting now...

As you probably noticed already, my collection is very poor when it comes to NES and SNES. Well, I already have a few NES games anyway. But for SNES I only had the Super Mario World Cartridge that came with the console itself. Finally, I decided it is now time to start my snes collection seriously. Here is the first purchase: something pretty nice and not expensive at all! Terranigma, big box with the guides and comic.
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And to celebrate 1000...

Here's a little thingy I got. It is rare, belongs to the weirdest game available for ps1, and it makes a nice addition to my collection. It is nothing that special, but here goes... the Vib Ribbon Press Kit =)

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IT'S 1000!!!

That's right, after such a long time all my efforts in getting the most interesting items in my collection have come as far as reaching the massive number of 1000 games, one number I thought it would be unreachable for me. I wanted my 1000th game to be something really special, but I don't know what to consider special right now...
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