Sexy w(B)itch

Bayonetta is a sexy witch that can seriously beat the crap of angel-like creatures while spreading her legs 180 degrees in every possible position. She even shoots from her legs while kicking and gets nearly naked as she reaches the climax while fighting some seriously huge enemies. And then we have Joy, some female-like angel that also spreads her legs and nearly masturbates when she first appears in the game. I said I love sexy babes when I first talked about Tomb Raider in the first messages of this blog, but this witch is serious business, she's probably more dangerous than sexy, she's just too much.

Now talking about the game itself, I did like the plot and loved the fast-paced action. It's a great game worth playing, specially if you don't mind some cheesy cutscenes with a fine shaped female ass fighting with extreme violence. Fan-service anyone?

Pic above is for the Climax Edition for X360.

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