Where are the pics dude???

I needed some time for myself because I was really tired from the daily working routine but I finally have some time to settle down a few things.

I'm working on updating this blog. First writing the stuff that goes in my mind. Pics will come later, hopefully by the weekend. There are plenty of things to add besides the ones I already wrote about. It's now 1:30 AM and here I am, writing crap about my collection, knowing that it will be a pain in the arse to get it off bed to go to work within a few hours. It's always the same thing but I can't go to sleep sooner, I need a couple of hours every day to do the stuff I love so I have to sacrifice a little bit of sleep. I have some friends at work who do nothing but work, go home to take care of all the daily tasks including taking care of their children... Phew... Life should be more than that :(

Just a bit longer, just a tiny bit longer and you'll have your pics added to each post.
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Professor Layton

Three games later, Nintendo decided to offer a special trilogy box for those who register the V.I.P. codes from the three games on Club Nintendo. Thankfully I have some really nice friends who sometimes sacrifice themselves in order to help me achieve happiness. Almost. Not quite... at all...

Ok, that sounds gay but I must thank Johnny for offering me his box after he knew that I really wanted to keep my copies of the game sealed (although I did play the games). It's nothing special at all but I am happy with this box. Took him a couple of months to give it to me, but I didn't try to buy it and he decided to offer it to me on his own. I wasn't really expecting that at all, but I feel this guy deserves some love!

Here I go being gay again. But thanks a lot Johnny bro!
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Two Collector's Editions, one that sucks and another one that doesn't.

The one that doesn't suck is Agarest Zero. The price was fair and this is another one of those unexpected titles to see the daylight in Europe. I'm quite glad this actually came out over here.


The other one is Arcana Hearts. While the regular limited edition doesn't suck and the price is pretty nice...


I basically paid nearly 3 times as much as the regular limited edition for a mouse mat and a keyring. Once again, this is NOT a special edition of any sort, because there is NOT a box to hold all the items together. This is just a £30 limited edition with a bonus mouse mat and keyring for £60 more! Just terrible! Seriously, I really thought those guys from that weird online store I hardly ever heard about had made their homework with the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Boxset, which is a really great collector's edition, expensive as HELL but really worth to own. It may be overpriced, but I could easily overcome the price when I saw the quality of the box and the items included. The numbered box alone, the canvas art, the artbook, the soundtrack disc and the game, plus the t-shirt and the keyring are more than enought to satisfy me. But this Arcana crap? Give me a break will ya???
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Castlevania and Megaman

Some people who know me a little better already know that my main goal at this moment is to try and collect all the retro versions of Megaman and Castlevania while keeping up with the latest limited and collector's editions. Due to the stupidly demand on press kits and the fact that I'm quite low on cash at this moment and I don't know what will happen in the future with my job, I am leaving the press kits behind for a while. I already missed many but I can't buy everything anyway and the massive amount of exclusive and limited editions being released at the same time make it impossible for me to keep up with everything so I have to make decisions...

I usually don't show just single games unless they're that special, but this is my blog and I post whatever I want to.

Getting all megaman games will be a pain. I have a complete NES PAL Set and X2 for the SNES. I still need to buy a lot of games for the GBA unfortunately. But at the very least I found an important game in a pretty good condition: Megaman IV for the original Gameboy. All games from Laguna seem to be a PAIN to get, and this one and V are by far the rarest for the Gameboy. Same goes with X3 for the SNES which will be my worst nightmare...

As far as Castlevania goes, I got a mint copy of Castlevania III that seems to be the hardest to find for the NES. And for the Gameboy I'm now missing only Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge because another nightmare was over when I found a copy of Castlevania Legends for a fairly decent price. As for Belmont's Revenge, it's not easy to find a complete copy but due to lack of money I failed to win a recent auction for a fair price. However, it's only a matter of time until another one pops up. I'm glad to have found a copy of Legends because that was the game causing me the bigger head ache.
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And since we are talking about rare games...

... I will also talk about another nightmarish game it took me years to find for a decent price. Several years ago I would be able to buy this game for a certain high price and I wasn't really willing to pay that much for it. But now? That price is now twice as much on almost every auction and that's unacceptable. Soon I figured I had to get this game once the opportunity showed up and that's what I did. This game is not THAT RARE, in fact is far more common than a few others I've recently bought. But its price is insane and just keeps rising...

I'm talking about Mega Man The Wily Wars for the Mega Drive, another pain of a game to get. I was expecting to find it one day at a second hand store or in an auction site besides ebay. But the thing is... this damn game never ever appeared! Even after several years searching. So yeah it's another title that was a pain to find. I finally got it. Another one to scratch off the list...
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Singstar? No, Not the sort of games I'd go out buying...

Yes they are fun to play with friends blah blah blah but I really don't feel like buying these games... unless of course they are something exclusive just as this particular Blue BBVA Pack that was only offered in Spain in a limited promotion for those who opened a blue account or whatever it was called. This pack is exclusive to that promotion and it's only found in Spain so I believe it's a toughie to find. I never ever heard about this before which is normal because I don't know what's going on in other countries that have websites or stores in different languages, but I stumbled across when I visited a 2nd hand store and they actually had this pack with the game still factory sealed. I called it a lucky shot. It's not something I love or even like that much but I bought it for collection purposes. The game included is nothing more than a copy of a regular Singstar game released in Spain, based in a spanish version of Pop Idol I believe.

It also hurts to say this but... I also bought another Singtstar game named Morangos com Açucar. That's was just... TOO WRONG to buy that game if it wasn't a Portuguese exclusive. It comes from a TV Show that (some people will kill me for saying this) sucks. It's mostly directed at young people with pimps that like stupid hair styles, kinky music, teenage love stories and first sexual experiences after masturbation. Even I had pimps and hate that show. And they released a Singstar game with the amazingly awesome soundtrack from the show. Oh well...
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A long time ago there was this game...

JRPGs have been for a very long time my favorite genre since I started playing them on the PS1. Before that, I thought they were boring, except for a few that came out for Saturn such as Dragon Force and Shining Force 3. Those were awesome games but unfortunately they were note very common over here and a 13 yo child cannot hold much to buy his new game and has to find a replacement as soon as possible. Oh boy... I did chose good games instead, but they are far more common... That's life for me...

When I first heard about this game, I really had no idea what it was. I thought it was a German exclusive, with German screen text only. It took me a while to find out a few things about this game. First, it had a totaly different name in japanese. Second, it was released in English and it received a sequel, but only in the US. I searched for videos and I immediately felt in love with the amazing soundtrack this game has for a 16bit game. The battle themes are simply epic, and I believe this was far more noticeable by the time the game came out. It's a big shame that I had no way to play this back then. I now consider it one of the greatest RPGs ever released on the SNES. Then I found out the game that was released in German was actually the sequel without the II on the title because the first game never came out in Europe. And finally, I wet my pants when I figured there was a PAL English version released in Australia only, AGAIN! I simply HAD to get it!

I'm talking about Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals or Estpolis Denki in Japan, which was released as Lufia only in Australia, Germany and probably a few other countries. As soon as I heard about the existence of a PAL English version, I had to get it. And it took me a couple of years until I finally had the chance to buy one. This game's pretty hard to find. First I ever saw in mint condition was sold for a pretty big price. They I saw a few others in good condition but not mint. Thankfully I managed to win the best used copy of this game I have ever found. The price was a little high, but considering the values I've seen these games in worse conditions go, it certainly was a great deal.

Another mission accomplished in my collection!

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More Duke?

Those guys at EB Games really love to spoil their costumers with exclusive editions of their own while they show the finger to the other collector's around the world. Thankfully I was able to find one edition that will probably become a pain to get in the future. I must say that it kinda sucks because it brings nothing special with it. It's quite inferior to the Balls of Steel Edition yet far more limited with only 1600 copies running around. I'm talking about Duke Nukem Forever King Edition. Mine is missing the bubble gum but should I care? I'd like to get the package alone, true, but a bubble gum will probably become rotten over the years. And that sucks. But I got the game, the unused code and the cards inside the limited edition case. And I'm not sure if it's me but all that stuff doesn't seem to fit inside the box that well... I got the PS3 version because it's more limited and basically because it was by far the cheapest I found out so far. I'm very happy with it.
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Some weird acessory from the 80s

I heard it's pretty uncommon... Not the sort of thing you can find lying around, especially in brand new condition. But for some weird reason quite a few of these popped up in recent times and I bought one for me. The NES Laser Scope with that kid on the cover... this looks really weird. I'm sure I'd freak out if I was given this when I was a kid. This is as ugly as it works (if that even makes any sense).
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Don't be a Brink!

This is not quite the game yet, but the exclusive limited tin released in Australia with extra contents. I'm glad I got it. Now just need to find the game for a rather cheap price because this is one of those games that doesn't mean a lot to me, if you know what I mean. I heard it's good. It may be but I highly dounbt I'll be playing this any time soon. Probably not.

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Tekken 6 and the hoodie thing

I had the Arcade edition since the release date. I actually OPENED it (WOW... I opened an edition!) and found out the ugliest cover I could possibly find out... WITH ALL AGE RATINGS FROM EVERY COUNTRY in a box that looks like one of those promo copies that costs NOTHING ang a huge manual in every language that doesn't even fit the box. The artbook is nice THANK GOD but at least it should have a hard cover.

Now I got the Limited Edition with the hoodie for the Xbox 360 for a rather cheap price. The box is in near mint condition. The reason why I didn't buy it sooner is because all the cheap boxes I could find seemed like someone chewed them and then pooped them. Yes they were that bad. But thankfully I now own both editions.
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A Strange Game

Did you think I missed this one? Emily The Strange for the NDS is a puzzle game based in some sort of cartoons I have never seen or heard in my entire life. But this underground edition is limited to 200 units individually numbered and includes a few exclusive items such as a notebook. My edition remains sealed and I plan on leaving it that way. This Emily the Strange raises many mysteries in my head because I have no idea what it's all about. That's really strange.

*goes to check wikipedia*
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Epic stuff arrived at home

Most people were probably expecting this game... I have only tried to play the first one for a little bit and it's good but got me bored quite fast. This game is also receiving epic scores and it's another one of those titles I expect to play some time in the future after I've cleared the ones I still need to finish first. And it will take some time, but I will play it one day. Yes you know what I'm talking about: Gears of War 3 Epic Edition. I got that thing. Expensive, yet worth it!
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Average Juarez

One of the anticipated games released a couple of months ago became nothing more that mediocre title. And mediocre games sometimes also get mediocre editions. This is the case of Call of Juarez The Cartel Owtlaw Edition, another very limited exclusive edition blah blah blah blah. This editions matches the exact "suckage" level we can find in Sniper Ammo tin edition. The wooden box is so cheap it almost looks like it's fake. It's quite different from the original box pictured. The contents are all pretty weak, really weak. And the price of this edition dropped immediately after the game was released, so everyone who preordered got literally SCREWED. and I was SCREWED. Way to treat your clients Game4game. Nice work!

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They're back! Did they even leave in first place?

My first shooter on the PS3 was called Resistance. Not being a fan of shooters, the fact is that there weren't any big games released by the time the console came out. I bought Virtua Fighter 5 on the release day but that game alone wasn't enough to satisfy me so I decided to pick up Resistance as well. i did not regret it. Several years later, the 3rd game gets released and it became best known as R3.

A particular "Survival Edition" was released - and that's what I got. I don't know what's going on with these editions nowadays but they seem to be replacing your usual action figures with... bags? I'm not really a fan of... bags... but the thing is this bag really seems to be a good quality one. So good that the girl at the shop even wanted to buy the bag to herself when I picked this edition.

This edition also comes with... toy soldiers. No way! Toy soldiers! Why toy soldiers? I mean, it kinda brings back memories, but it's only a gimmick. Overall, the edition is nice. Not perfect, but good and it thankfully includes the regular collector's edition as well - that's a really good thing. I don't think I'll be playing the game any time soon, but I'd like to give it a try someday. And hopefully finish it!
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That's what happen to people if they catch too much sun.

A paradise turned into a deadly field with zombies running around killing the few survivors. Sounds nice. Nothing too original at first, but zombie games are usually... good? Maybe.

Anyway, I still didn't have the chance to play this game but thankfully I was able to preorder and receive the rarest editions of all: the Dead Island Treasure Edition. This is another one of those exclusives that came directly from game4game. The wooden box is quite nice! It looks great, it's quite big, it's only missing some finishing though. As for the contents... they are no bid deal. The sweatshirt is much nicer that a regular t-shirt these editions usually include. The comic book is a nice addition but nothing special. The art cards are good but they should include some sort of package and not just come lose like that. And finally, there isn't that much else inside the box, not even a certificate of authenticity because it was pulled back. I got the xbox 360 version of this game, which is currently factory sealed and comes with an Austrian back cover.

Overall, considering the total price of this edition, which should have been a little less, I am satisfied. It's very limited and it sold out so fast that I am not disappointed to be the proud owner of this nice looking wooden box, limited to 266 units. It's a nice item to have in a collection, better than other editions I've seen so far such as the red edition or the regular special edition. The Survival pack is also something I will want to find in the future but right now I can't buy that. There are many editions coming out and there's no way I can buy the same game 4 times or more. So I'm happy with this edition despite its poor contents.

I just hope the game is good as well. The critics are not that good, but not bad either so I know this is one game I'll have to try for myself before making judgments.

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I'm in love with this game

Yep, that's right. One of my biggest expectations in recent video game releases... My expectations were not  just simply fulfilled... but also highly surpassed. Xenoblade!

When I first heard about this game, I knew the chances to see it being released in Europe were very very slim. In fact, I was pretty sure this game would never see the daylight outside Japan. Yet, nearly two years later, we got the big news: Xenoblade was coming to us. The NA gamers were kinda screwed, thankfully it wasn't us european gamers this time. I am so glad this game came out of Japan. Really glad!

Everything about this game is either good or exceptional. I've played many games with great HD graphics but only a few made my jaw drop. This game might not have the best graphics ever, but the amazing art behind the environment design is absolutely amazing, so amazing that I haven't felt so impressed with a game for a very long time.

As you can probably guess, I have the limited edition with the red controller. It's a shame this edition didn't come with anything else. NoE promised my country that other bonus items were going to be offered to us, but we only received the same thing everyone else in Europe received. Shame, shame, nobody really cares about the portuguese market anyway.

I still haven't finished the game and I'm still quite a few hours away from that, but I've scored over 100 hours already. I gave up being a completist since my free time ran out (ya know, job, training, that stuff...) but this time I am trying to do everything I can during my first play through. I highly doubt I will be doing a 2nd run though. No matter how good this game is I will want to move on to other games such as Dead Island and Dead Space 2. Too many Dead games to play...
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