Favourite editions #5

This is a Survival kit for Tekken Dark Resurrection on the PSP that includes a promo copy of the game and an additional DVD. Also comes with an informative book and 14 survival cads for the main characters tha tells you real-life procedures to protect yourself against the character's attacks in the game. Most of those cards *were supposed* to be funny. This particular edition is quite important in my collection.
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Favourite editions #4

This Metal Gear Solid 3 book is a very interesting one. It comes with a paper model of Metal Gear to build and several leaflets about the game. Also includes information about the Twin Snakes on GC. This is one of the official leaflets released in Europe to promote the game and is very hard to find. I will post the other edition when I have te chance.
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Favourite editions #3

The most creepy box I have is this Ghost Hunter dead doll box, imitating an old "top secret" box. Rare as hell. Comes with several DVDs including a promo copy of the game.
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Favourite editions #2

One of the most interesting boxes in my collection is this Jak & Daxter Wood box. Includes a map, a book with 3 DVDs (one of them being the original game disc) and a t-shirt inside a bag. The box itself is pretty big. Awesome.
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Favourite editions #1

One of my favourite editions is this Sony Pack. One of the most simple editions I own, yet probably the one I like the most. Includes small game leaflets for Shadow of the Colossus, Genji, Everybody's Golf and Soul Calibur 3, as well a Demo DVD for all games and a bonus DVD with additional features. Everythin PAL, as I basically collect PAL stuff.
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I will be listing my favourite editions and games in no particular order pretty soon, so you can expect more pictures of cool boxsets and similar stuff. I have not purchased anthing new, but I will dedicate to regular games and stop with the special editions for a few months unless something important shows up. There are a lot of things I did not show yet but I think it's best to show my collection slowly.
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