Zelda is not the green guy

You know that moment when you finally lose your head to buy something you've been wanting for a while but was kinda expensive and you'd prefer to save the money for other things? That summarizes what happened last week:

Even though I already had a white Wii U, what I truly wanted was the Limited Edition Zelda version. A local supermarket dropped its current price by 33% and I though it was now or never. What actually boosted my will to get this version of the console was the newer trailers for the next Xeno game, which seems to be called Xenogears Origins if the leaked E3 list is really true - which looks like total BS since E3 is no longer the place where new games are announced, they just show new footage and details about games we already knew would come out.

And since we're talking about Zelda, I might as well add the picture of the 3DS XL model of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (with the crappy DLC Code instead of the physical game... what the hell, Nintendo?) I've bought several moons ago but never posted before.

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Mother of Children!

So, the same moment Amazon decides to cut Super Saver Delivery for many european countries, most of the packages I receive from them arrive in crap condition which forces me to send them back. That's great, Amazon, just great... 

I originally ordered the UK version of this, which arrived in trash condition  because the envelope it came in was too small for it to fit. I asked for a replacement and... boom, it was sold out. so I had to order it from France and it came in the very same crappy card envelope.

Amazon is starting to become more and more like Zavvi and Game....

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These things should have never been released

Got this Skylanders set for a very cheap price. It doesn't matter how cool and innovative these games are. Truth is they are a pain to collect. They're like toys' versions of DLCs. It was a genius move by Activision and I feel sorry for those that wasted so much cash trying to get the exclusive figurines. And there are wayyyy too many to collect. Way too many!

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