Project 8 Premium Deck

I am not a fan of skateboarding. The only other Tony Hawk game I have is the gift pack for PS2 (I have not seen another pack like that in several years. Can it be so rare?). But I had to get the premium deck, released to promote the game and made available to the general public. Some claim that only 1000 were made. I have no way to confirm this, but I felt I had to buy it. lost several on auctions because this is not the sort of item I'd be willing to buy for a hi price. But thanks to my friend Jm1.Jonas, I was able to finally buy a brand new one from an online store and for a quite amazing price. I'm glad I now own one.
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One of the most beautiful editions I've seen

I am a big Prince of Persia Fan. In fact, I think that my favourite genre of games are not RPGs, but action/adventure games. The newest PoP game creates very beautiful environments, the game itself is a piece of art with amazing scenarios and excellent gameplay. However, IMHO, I think the game is very repetitive.

This particular edition here did not seem anything special at all. Until the moment I received it. I immediately felt in love. The black box, similar to the special preorder pack and tin editions, contains a Prince of Persia frame and an artbook. Just like the Shadow of Colossus Sony demo pack, this subtle box has easily become one of my favourites.

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What was one of the greatest shooters...

... has now become what many people call a boring game.

Dear developers, when you try to add some reallistic sense to the games by creating a lot of huge environments where nothing happens, people get bored... The game's still good, but still... it kinda feels like you have to spend hours just walking. How can that be fun?
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Talking about nasty things...

I don't know much about the game itself, but I know it's good enough to be bought. And when these fancy editions pop up, I just can't resist them :). That's the Forbidden Siren Press Kit :)

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yOu Shot mE DoWn BaNgBaNg!

This game does have some really disgusting scenes. It was awarded for being the game where the F-word is used in a record number of times. And that's no exhageration. I've finished the game once and I've heard the F-word so many times it's almost ridiculous. House of the Dead Overkill marks the return of the well known arcade series to the console system, and it certainly is quite good despite the nasty scenes and obscene language used. It's making fun of movies where the dialogues are as good as crap - except that in this game they're actually fun. And the ending scene is really creepy. I mean, did the weird dude really went up his f**** up mom's... Okay I'm starting to talk like the game, enough here.

The pic above shows the promo release and the AUS exclusive BangBang Box set, smething I decided to buy when I realised the pain it would be to get it in the future. Better look for it now if you want it, otherwise it will be a pain to get, you hear me.
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