Do NOT buy from this seler, I repeat... do NOT buy from...

We all know that ebay is no longer what it used to be. Not only the number of collectors grew drastically in the recent years (and many are ridiculously incrising the price of certain games and rare editions), but so did the number of speculators getting stuff for the sole purpose of selling them for much, MUCH more cash... people who don't give a s*it about games and only care about how much they're worth. To me, they are the Videogaming Mafia. But in this particular and completelly offtopic post I am making, which is not related with my collection but shows my concern about the terrible attitude some sellers have, I'm going to talk about the one most annoying sellers I've ever met in years of ebay trading... known as...


I start by saying it's not the only nickname he uses. This guy is probably a great example of the amazing speculation that goes on these days. And let me explain why... I've cross roads with him several times but never really paid much attention. I thought he was just another collector. But when I finally found out who the guy with the red (now green) star trully was...

It all started when I lost a copy of Snatcher, a game I was looking for for some time. I was outbid by this guy whith the red star. Suddenly another copy of Snatcher shows up. This one even had the spine card. The red star guy wins again. Hum, ok... I eventually won one of the copies on ebay, which came from australia, thanks to a friendly seller who did not mind posting to me.Some time later I decided to try and get a Knuckles Chaotix for 32X on ebay. Suddenly, I was outbid again by a guy with a red star. I searched for other copies of the game... just to find out that the best ones were all being bought by the same guy. And not just that. The guy was also buying all copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga he could get. And finally, when a mint copy of Kolibri decides to appear on ebay, I am outbid by the guy with the red star. Again.

It was only some time later as I was trying to find a Sega Multi Mega that I came across some auctions from a seller named spence.77 who had them for sale. And not just that. As I was searching ebay, I noticed the guy was also selling several copies of Knuckles Chaotix and Snatcher. Including the one I lost with the spine card. But instead of costing a little over £100, the guy was asking more that £400 for it. And the same goes with all the other rare/expensive stuff he won, all being sold for stupidly high prices.
Thanks to this guy, who wants to make a monopoly out of ebay, some sellers and bidders were led to believe that some games are worth that much and now prices are rising more than ever.

I've seen other SEGA collectors complaining not just about his prices but seems that he also tries to cheat on some aucions for "sealed" sega games. He does sell the regular stuff for normal prices but nobody should buy anything from him for what he does.

I won't buy from and I won't sell for this guy. This guy's a Videogaming Mafia. Just to let you know, here's some discussions about him and other sellers in message boards:

http://www.racketboy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=26553&start=20 http://shinobiman.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=ebay&action=display&thread=7923

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