How I loved this game

It's been a very long time since I've played something totally new. Lately there have been many great games, but this one in particular... I loved it. This game is a mix between a videogame and a movie. It kinda reminds me of the good old point and clicks, but taken to a whole new level. The plot was pretty good, the fact that the game has several endings and characters may die in the middle of the game due to bad decisions is also great. In my opinion this game has the best graphics I have ever seen, even when compared to the monumental environments of God of War III. And most of all, I enjoyed playing this game so much that right now I am upset because there is no other game like this around at least for now.

The story revolves around an assassin known as the Origami Killer who kills children by drowning them in rain water. You control 4 distinct characters, including the father of the last boy who was kidnapped in a struggle to save the boy. I must say that knowing who the Origami Killer is before playing the game is the biggest spoiler ever since Aeris' death in FFVII. Loved this game!

Pic above is from the Press Kit and the Limited Edition of the game.
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Final Fantasy XIII

Finally, it came. The first new generation Final Fantasy game. Honestly, the game itself is not that good. It misses so many good things about the Final Fantasy Universe that... I don't know...

There is little to explore, and not that many sidequests to do. Not many places to explore, no cities and houses to go around searching for clues and items... the closes thing you get to that only happens near the end of the game and there isn't much to do anyway. The closest thing you get to a world map is the so called "open world" in Chapter 11 that's little more than a scenario like Calm Lands from FFX with enemies running all over the place. I miss a world map with cities and towns and airships to ride, I miss all those scenarios where you could talk to people and explore the houses searching for bonuses and small sidequests... where's all that gone???

The game is basically a one way road. When you seem to find an alternative path, it only leads you to one of those item balls - in fact you really learn that tere's nothing else but an item ball in every corner, in every alternative pach, in every place that seems to be the wrong way. Some scenarios are just too repetitive and if it wasn't for the battle system this game would be more suited as a hack n slash rather than an RPG with Final Fantasy in the title. the game's still big, but the ending is rushed... The story may become a mess if you don't read the datalog, and a lot of questions are very hard to ask. Despite all that, it's not a bad game. The storyline is good, the graphics and scenarios are stunning and the overall experience of playing the game is good. But still, not what I was expecting for a new Final Fantasy game. I miss those times when I played through VII, VIII and IX. After that it's been a downhill ride, seriously... Just sharing my opinion...

Above we have the two collector's Editions for both PS3 and 360, as well as a sealed copy of the regular 360 game with the limited edition slipcase. I expect to get the limited edition slipcase for the PS3 as well as the HMV exclusive slipcase for both editions. And not to forget the Crystal Bearers on the Wii which I got thanks to a promotion.
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Kratos is back. And more violent than ever

This game certainly lives up to its hype. Basically, what the previous games did well, this one does even better. Yes, the game's that good. A little short, but good. The violence is amazing, quite amazing. A few years back this game would be severely censored.

Above is the Ultimate Trilogy Edition with the Pandora Box and the Collector's Edition that was only available in certain european countries. There are other editions out there, including a media kit in a wooden box that I expect to get some day...
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Sexy w(B)itch

Bayonetta is a sexy witch that can seriously beat the crap of angel-like creatures while spreading her legs 180 degrees in every possible position. She even shoots from her legs while kicking and gets nearly naked as she reaches the climax while fighting some seriously huge enemies. And then we have Joy, some female-like angel that also spreads her legs and nearly masturbates when she first appears in the game. I said I love sexy babes when I first talked about Tomb Raider in the first messages of this blog, but this witch is serious business, she's probably more dangerous than sexy, she's just too much.

Now talking about the game itself, I did like the plot and loved the fast-paced action. It's a great game worth playing, specially if you don't mind some cheesy cutscenes with a fine shaped female ass fighting with extreme violence. Fan-service anyone?

Pic above is for the Climax Edition for X360.
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Black, White, Special Film... Anything else?

Seriously, why so many different editions for the same game at the same time? It makes no sense! I miss the time when games only had a regular release. Then there were those who actually had a special edition. Right now we came to the point where nearly every top game has a special edition and many have two or three different editions, some of which are exclusive to particular stores. And they sell like cookies. And to make it even worse, some are pretty crappy and include little more than a different package and some downloadable codes.

Thankfully it was not the case with this version of Assassin's Creed II. The Black Edition is actually packed with many goodies. No I did not get any other edition of this particular game, and I seriously don't expect to get them until I find a fine price drop. The Special Film Edition will certainly be an exception as it's not as easy to get. This Black Edition was a preorder as well, otherwise I'd probably be stuck with a used edition for a stupid price off ebay right now. Damn it.
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Mass Effectiveness

And this is one of those editions that sold out pretty fast. And then it was only found on eBay for OMG prices. Crappy speculators... I did get it for the retail price but I was 1 inch away of losing it. Right now the hype is over though. It's getting harder to decide whether I should invest in certain editions before they are released or wait until they actually drop their price. They usually drop, but it scares me to see them all sold out and hitting stupid prices after that. I never know if I should buy them now or wait. did buy this one as soon as I noticed it was completely sold out.
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The greatest Pokemon games are back!

It was certainly my favourite game besides the original Red/Blue versions. Pokémon Gold and Silver remade specifically for the Nintendo DS. I managed to preorder this particular edition with a 3D Holographic cover. I did not have enough cash to preorder the two editions, so I guess I'll be missing the Heart Gold version with the same 3D cover for quite a while...
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After taking a break... a new update!

Little time and patience to update this in the last couple of months. I had to make plenty of decisions of what to get and what not to get. As you will probably notice I can't keep up with all the limited stuff that's being released, some of which are sold out even before the release date. Prices for press editions on ebay are also rising a lot and that prevents me from getting them. Times are tough for collectors with less money when some foreign buyers pop up and pay 100s to get their hands in particular editions, increasing their prices to ridiculous amounts, far more than they are actually worth. Speculation on auctions sites right now is pretty nasty thanks to crappy sellers whose purpose is to get easy money from people that really care about particular items. And that sucks. It just plain sucks. I've never seen so many ridiculous buy it now prices before.

It's nearly impossible for me to keep up with this, so yes, I am leaving plenty of stuff behind. I hope that in the future my collection sees better days. I also have a personal life and I simply can't spend a lot of cash right now. I don't think that I will be getting those fancy editions I was used to right now, but I won't give up and I will deffinitely get them in the future. I've left a few behind and they will not be easy to find in the future. I've came this far in my collection and I'm sure I will be able to find them some day.

Here's the first thing I got before last Xmas... a Limited Edition Black Wii Console. I thought the price was pretty good, the console looks nice, it was a good purchase.

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