Happy New Year 2010

Been a while. I usually never stop searching for games, but I get tired when I have too much work to do. That's wy I haven't updated this blog for a while. For now, I'll add a couple of the most important purchases. Mainly regular games and collector's editions, but nothing out of ordinary. I've had some personal and proffessional problems last month. Now that they are solved it's time to keep up with this stuff.

And since it's not too late yet, I whish everyone a happy 2010. We'll have some great games coming this year that I can hardly wait.

Let's start with something that could be rare but became quite common in the end. I heard about a boycot. In the end, it was one of the best sellers this year. Basically, I'm talking about Modern Warfare 2. And as you probably guessed already, I did get a Prestige Edition.

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