Yarrrr Yarrr I'm a Pirate!

And this is one of the best editions I've seen in recent times. Rise2 Pirate Tavern Edition originally known as the Keg Edition was only released in Poland. It's actually called Mroczne Wody Edycja Piracka Oberża.

Originally the this particular edition was only available for PC but later it was also released for PS3 and Xbox 360. It is amazing, to say the least and quite hard for me to get...
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Some changes in my life... (part 2)

I will have a lot of spare time from now on, but I will be short on money. Unfortunately I will have to miss some deals and editions but I will still do the best I can not to miss the most important items I may come across.

Some of the new stuff I expect to do with the spare time I will have from now on on this blog will be the following:

1. Some people who come here only really care about pictures of the stuff I have. I know some people like to see the new stuff I got or that special edition I managed to find that's not easy to get etc. But not that many actually read through all the big texts I sometimes write. Soon I will add a new feature to this blog, something very commonly used in message boards, sites and blogs: the show/hide button. Basically, whenever I write too much about something in a port, I will hide the text and if you wish to read it all you have to do is click the button. This will also improve the presentation of the site, making the mfirst page shorter and hopefully more picture-based and less text-based.

2. I will create a secondary blog just to tell my stories as a videogame collector. Well, if this blog is nothing but to show off and not that many people visit it, then nobody will visit or bother to read my stories in the newer blog I will create. But that's okay because I will be creating that blog for my own enjoyment. I love my collection so much that sometimes I feel like sharing the stories behind it with other people. I am not sure which language I will chose to write that blog. It will be directly liked to this blog as well.

3. The banner will change. I've created that banner a few years ago using my low photoshop skills and the result was actually better than I was expecting at first. But right now I am no longer happy with it. There's just too much stuff going on in there. The blog title will remain the same though. This is and it will allways be My Own World.

4. Another update will be coming shortly. This one will include some of my latest purchases. Unfortunately this blog will not be what it used to be, with rare and unusual press kits. Everybody knows about press kits nowadays and everyone searches for them. I cannot compete with most people willing to pay hundreds for a single press kit. I am not willing to pay that much for many press kits because no matter how rare they are and how much people want them, they simply are not worth it. I had to lose 80% of the press kits I own at least once. The other 20% I found and bought the first time I saw them were pure luck. I do have some things that were quite expensive, but those things took months to pay...

5. Since I will be short on money, I am thinking of adding some publicity to the blog. This is something I don't agree with and I am still against it, but I will give it a thought and see if it's really worth it. I know I will not earn much if I do that, but it doesn't hurt to try. I will not add pop-ups or stuff that damages the visual style of the blog or anything remotely close to that, and it will be related with games.

I am taking a break from work right now. I hope to stay a couple of months or maybe the rest of the year at home, learning some things that will be useful in the future and spending some time doing things I wanted to do before but I couldn't. After a while I know I will need to get a job, but I really need a break. At my current age I am already feeling very tired and this is not normal at all. I've worked hard when I was in the university, and I am regretting that now. Then I got a job and things got slightly easier at times. At least I could sleep every night, unlike in university, but lately I've been feeling very tired and I don't have many expectations in life with the course I graduated in.
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Some changes in my life... (part 1)

It's been over six years since I first created this blog. Back then my collection was quite small compared to what it is today. I created this blog because I needed a way to list my most important items, by  simply taking pictures and writing about them. I did this just for my own enjoyment. I'm not the sort of guy to brag and share what I have with everyone, so I tried to keep a low profile and not reveal this blog everywhere. I eventually shared this blog in a couple of videogame web forums but up to this point it still remains a bit unknown.

I never expected to actually have the patience to update the blog for almost six years straight, with a few breaks but never giving up on it. And I still want to keep it this way. I still enjoy updating this blog but daily life sometimes steal away the spare time I have and patience runs low. That's the main reason I don't usually update my blog as regularly as when it was first created.

This blog was created when I was still a student. As a newbie collector, losing ebay auctions was something I was already used to. Being a student in a country like this is reason enough to prevent you from buying games. At that time ebay was not as popular as it is today but it was thanks to it that I managed to get some amazing items for rather cheap prices. Ebay completely changed my special editions collection and second hand stores were the place where I could find the regular games (from common to rare and expensive) for cheap prices.

I eventually graduated after a lot of hard work and I was lucky enough to find a nice job pretty quickly. My salary wasn't high, but it was nice and I kinda liked the work place, my work mates and the conditions I had in there - for the most part at least because not everything was perfect and there were bad moments as well.  For the last 4 or 5 years I've been living this dream of collecting videogames and raised my collection to nearly 3000 games, editions, press kits and so many things...

However, the economy over here is a mess right now. Even people from the other side of the world know how bad the so called "economic crisis" is affecting my country and several others. Governors are becoming more and more inhumane by approving unsustainable tax raises and cutting benefits for the regular workers and small companies, claiming that these are sacrifices that have to be made in order to restore the economy... each time they promise there will be no more tax raises or that the measures will only be temporary, we already know they are lying because a couple of months later new measures are approved. Protesters everywhere, yet no sign of any kind of change. Unemployment is about to pass 17% and small stores and companies are closing their doors. Yesterday I saw a very old lady that could barely walk begging in a big avenue. Every time I go to work I see a nice and well dressed middle aged woman standing on a corner and without saying anything she just shyly stretches her hand, probably asking for some money.  When I go to work in the morning she is there. When I come back from work she is usually there as well.  This is sad, too sad. I am living in a third world country.

Many old companies and stores that have been active for decades and survived other crisis and tough situations along time are now finally closing their doors. Some of these companies had an important role on this country's development at some point in the past, just like the company I worked for...

And finally, this last Monday was the day when I lost my first and only job, after only 4.5 years. Life will be a little hard for me for the next few months. I now have to face all the bureaucracies of the terrible social security and employment agency we have in here - it gives me nightmares just to think about how bad those services actually work. I still hope to continue collecting videogames though.
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