The missing RPGs

I missed these two for a pretty long time. Now havem the both. Finally, my ps1 rpg collection comes close to a completion. I have all the main ones anyway, except Alundra 2 and Jade Cocoon. Those will come soon. Both are brand new and unused.
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Favourite editions #10

The last edition I chose as a favourite is this Ridge Racer Type 4 pack. There are two boxes with different contents. This one has a limited edition game with a special cover. The other one has two discs, one is the game and the other is the soundtrack. I have them both. This also includes other items such as a t-shirt / cap, and leaflets about the game. It took me a while to get the two of them, but these editions are not quite rare since there are about 12000 units. The one pictured is still sealed.
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Favourite editions #9

This is a very rare Alien Hominid Eurogamer Edition. The good thing about this is that there are only 100 in the world. Not the rarest item in my collection, but a serious treasure here...
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Favourite editions #8

This strangely shaped box is a Medievil 2 press kit. It's very unique but unfortunately it's also very fragile. This particular one is signed by the creators and there are only very very few signed like this one. I do not thing the signature adds more value to it though but I also own another one without the signatures. 
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Favourite editions #7

This special box is is from Primal. Very interesting indeed, and one of the first boxes I got. This editions was what made me collect games more seriously. That's why it's so important in my collection. I will now dedicate to purchase more regular editions since I already have a lot of special stuff. I will obviously give priority to the special editions but from now on I'll focus on many usual games. This box is made of card attempting to imitate an old wooden box with a scratch. The inside looks really good. Comes with a very interesting notebook with information about the game and two discs. Also comes with an ilustrated scroll.
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Favourite editions #6

This red tube is a special edition of the game "Rise to Honour" with Jet Li. One of my most special editions I have. It comes with a black t-shirt, a paper with information about the game, a big kakemono (or whatever it's called, like a poster) and tree discs including the game itself. The tube is pretty big. Really unusual.
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