I only come here to complain about Kickstarter and MuvLuv

Yeah, I'm still around but I stalled my collection and I don't think I'll ever go back to the craze of buying so much stuff like before. Every new release has at least a super expensive edition. Plenty of small companies started to release limited prints of indie games that are impossible to keep up since there are so many nowadays. Companies like Square Enix are releasing super expensive editions that are hardly worth getting for the abnormally inflated prices. We're talking about poor content or small and incomplete items in an ultra big box that make it look like an awesome edition and then sell it for 150, 200... even more than that. And a big chunk of those still sell out real fast. Yet, they are easily rivaled in quality and contents by other editions previously released over the years that would cost less than 100. The only thing going for them is the low numbers, but low numbers are not big reason enough for me to drop big bucks on something I don't feel it's worth it.

I know that things have been like this for quite a while, even when I was still a sucker for these editions and bought many of them, but now it's already over the edge.. I've bought stuff before that I didn't think it was worth it... just not for triple digits. In fact, I do have a few things I regret buying in my collection but most of them came cheap. And I've reached my point of rupture, which I've been dragging along for a few years  due to my obsession with collecting all the missable stuff.

So I got tired of all that sh!t and finally got over it. Once I got freed from the streak of buying so much stuff and learned how to miss rare items, it became much, much easier to skip almost any game or edition unless I truly wanted it. I felt relieved in a way. I went back to the good old days before I became such a hardcore collector, when I would just buy the things I truly liked the most in order to fully enjoy them instead of just getting them to satisfy my fetish. I probably should have started doing this a long time ago. When I look back, I can clearly see I took things way too far but hey, I had fun doing it so it's not like I regret or consider it a mistake.

However, there's this one thing I still couldn't get over with, the thing that I truly regret. Something that I did during my crazy moments as a collector: Kickstarter. Oh boy, do I regret ever supporting a Kickstarter project?

I was blinded by the goodies and exclusive offers that only backers had access to if they supported a project. I was so obsessed with my videogame collection that I was afraid to miss on the only chance I had to get some exclusive items, even if they came from crowdfunds. Now I see this was nothing but pure ignorance and lack of self control. If only I had placed reason above my  passion... people make mistakes, they learn, they move on. Even in less important things like buying videogames.

Out of all the kickstarter projects I've backed, only one was materialized. The others resulted in nothing even thought they were all successfully funded.

I hesitated a lot when financing MuvLuv Collector's Edition, but at the very last moment I've decided to back for the Vita Physical Collector's Edition. After waiting for an eternity for the game to get a release date and constantly dealing with recent rumors of cancellation, I now learn that an edition for this game is on preorder for a much, much lower price than the original backer kit I've selected. Not only that, but the game gets a PAL version rated by PEGI, shipped from within Europe. This means there's an official PAL rating version of this game now, and the best I can expect is a delayed ESRB rated version subject to crazy custom taxes that will arrive much later than the one non-backers will buy.

This means people who didn't back up sh!t will get a physical edition much, much cheaper, and also much faster. So where does that leave me at? As a backer, someone who helped making the game possible outside of Japan, it certainly doesn't leave me happy. I might sound selfish, but I just can't ignore the fact that this is truly unfair. I'm fine with other people getting the game, but I'm not fine with knowing I was one of the backers who helped this project but end up burned. If I just had enough patience, I would have ended up buying the edition now and get it faster without going through a lot of sh!t for a few years, but who would have guessed?

Moral of the story: no more kickstarter or crowdfunds for me. There's no benefit.
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Where have I been?

Not where I wanted to be, for certain.

With a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, the little time I have left is hardly spent doing other smaller things like updating this blog. My purchases have not been as intense as before. I basically stopped buying retro games and press kits. Hopefully, better days will come in the future and I will be able to get what I'm missing now.

One of my latest purchases came from NISA Europe. Being very short on money basically means I have to make some harsh decisions and I usually end up buying the things I want the most, either because of their rarity or simply because I really like and wish to play them. That's precisely what happened with RPG Maker FES Limited Edition.

Now, I know that the best RPG maker games still come from PC and they're mostly for free, but having this little tool for the 3DS is something unique that I like the most. As such, I immediately had to buy this game when preorders became available and that's exactly what I did. I usually do not open these editions unless I truly want to play them, but I couldn't leave this one sealed.

 I've spent a lot of time making a game already that is far from completion, but I now realize what people look for in these types of games are simple things. And that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't know when it will be finished, but one day it will.

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Happy New Year 2'17

Hey guys. It's been a while since my last update. Sadly, I had to slow down with purchases quite a bit this year, even though I still added a lot of stuff to the collection. I expect to make another big update within the next week. Thankfully, this year 2016 was better than 2014 and 2015 combined. Those two were a disgrace to. Still, saying 2016 was better isn't saying much either because it also wasn't that good... 2017 hasn't even started here and I still don't sense any short term improvements but, hopefully, I'll be able to do something to change things for the best.

I have a lot of personal projects on my mind, from small things to bigger, more important goals. I expect to accomplish them all in 2017. It's going to be a tiresome and challenging year with a lot of things to do but I'm happy about it.

Happy New Year 2017 everyone :)
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Shooting girls... not literally though...

Just.. wow. Japanese developers can come up with such incredible and perverted ideas. A rail shooter game where the objective is to aim at girls with some weird pheromone shots that drive them crazy. Weird and innovative at the same time. And this limited version of the game, named Gal*Gun Double Peace Mr. Happiness Edition, will certain increase in value in the future. It comes in a huge box with several items, including some panties that are, in fact, a screen cleaning wipe... Too bad the items are all bundled together without any insert, which is nothing but bad design :(

I am amazed games like this are being released by European publishers with limited editions. I know I have already talked about this before, but I truly am amazed!

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My honest opinion about Pokémon Go.

Even though my financial situation and life in general is very inopportune to continue to collect videogames for now, I still have been buying several editions and games that I certainly don't want to miss. Unfortunately, sacrifices had to be done and I can't keep up the pace like the last few years...

I have been dedicating my spare time into playing Pokémon Go. When it was first announced, I didn't really expect to play it. But the truth is, I gave it a try and found it very addicting, especially when almost everyone else around me is playing the game.

Thanks to this app in particular, I met new areas in the place I live at that I have not visited in many, many years, even though they are just half an hour a walk from my home. Some of those areas improved quite a bit, while others are still a cancer and I don't know why people even buy houses there... I have also been going out with friends almost every night to some stops with lures and rare spawns and I was impressed to see how many people were playing the game. Absolutely crazy! But the hype is almost gone by now. Mostly thanks to Niantic. I'll just skip the server problems from the beginning and focus on the game alone...

At first, any new catch was a good catch. Since I didn't have that many Pokémon in the beginning, whenever I saw something new as a shadow on the radar I got excited and did my best to figure out its location. With the footsteps tracking system, things were interesting, but still, some rare evolved Pokémon were nearly impossible to find. I walked everywhere in every direction and still couldn't find them. Then again, I live in an area where not a single pokémon spawned on my street. 75% of the good spanws that showed up on the radar while I was at home were all at the other side of the rail road, which I can't cross without walking at least 700 meters. At that point, all spawns are surely gone. People who live in rural areas or places with little stops will definitely not enjoy the game as they should, sadly.

Suddenly, the radar became completely bugged, with the tracking system stuck with 3 footsteps, showing creatures that weren't even there or had already despawned. Some apps and tracking websites popped up at this point and they helped quite a bit! Without a tracking system, wandering around uselessly killed all the fun.

Then Niantic took one step further into killing all the fun and removed the steps while banning Pokévision, the best tracker ever created for this game. The game became useless, unless you liked to sit and wait for pokémon to pop up in lures, something I hate to do. I like to walk around, collect pokéstops and find all sorts of creatures in the run. But, again, the random factor with spawns and only a few minutes to catch them make this game boring to play because I can't find nothing new. Eventually, the tracking system was slightly corrected and now it's more accurate, but still not enough.

The thing I like the most in any pokemón game is to actually catch them all. Not just building a strong team to use in battles, but to actually own a livedex. I'm a collector and a completionist when it comes to these little monsters. I still managed to get over 130 pokémon on my dex, but the few ones missing made the game pointless to play. First, you have the continent exclusives, that CAN be born in your local eggs unlike everyone else says (I have witnessed this, twice), but they are a major pain to get.  And then the events... Events that may eventually take away your spare time in bad moments, that may not guarantee a catch and probably will make you chose which legendary you may and may not catch. Chances are... getting them all will require way more efforts than it should.

Right now I need to walk a ton of km just to find a new Pokémon or a rare one that I need in order to get more candies. All I find are Pokémon I no longer need, including rare spawns that I already have. Everything I'm getting from eggs are things I already have and most of which are crap even if they have good CP or IVs. 10km eggs take a long time to hatch and I still didn't get anything I'm missing from those, such as Chansey or Lapras... This becomes very tiresome. The candy system is completely unnecessary too. Why do I need to find a sh!t tone of abras and grimers that hardly ever spawn over here just to evolve them? I don't know how many hours it took me to find a grimer and I never managed to find more than three, so I'm stuck at about 10 candies . Shouldn't pokémon evolve by gaining exp when fighting other trainers or gym battles? Or even wild pokémon? This makes no sense to me. After playing for such a long time and walking about 300 km, I realized this game is just pointless. At least in the games you can properly evolve and train your pokémon, transfer them to future games and always use them. I feel there's a lot more meaning into playing the games due to their complexity than this. So, as a result, I completely stopped playing Pokémon Go and went back to Omega Ruby, trying to accomplish my goals of having a near perfect live dex.

What's a perfect live dex to me, you ask? Well, my personal objective is to have one of every single creature with at least 5IV (none being 0) and its hidden ability in both male and female versions. The hidden ability is just a bonus goal I've established. Obviously, not all pokemon have their HA already available and legends cannot be bred, so there are exceptions to this. This requires a lot of breeding and some strategy. I'm not concerned about egg moves or hidden power, nor the 6th imperfect IV being important or not. I've also decided to ignore the nature of the pokémon because I want varied natures. I'm not making a perfect, battle ready live dex with the necessary requirements and moves, just a live dex with great pokemon. For battle purposes I'll have my specific team of six where all these details already matter.

Catching pokémon in the real life was amazingly fun in the beginning, but not anymore. Especially when you realize this game is flawed in so many ways and Niantic or whoever's responsible is doing a horrible job at handling the app properly. The fun disappears when you can't progress in your main objective, which is simply to catch them all. On top of it, you see a lot of potential in the app, but you realzie that Niantic is not making anything about it.
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Sack creatures everywhere

This is yet another press kit I was able to score not too long ago. I have not played Little Big Planet in a very long time and I don't know much about what's going on in this game, but I guess I can tell the same about almost every other recent game out there. Not enough patience or time to play, unfortunately... It's always tough to talk about stuff I wasn't able to play, so I just fill these posts with text that doesn't tell anything. Sucks, I know.

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This is a type of game that doesn't need presentation. Unfortunately I've missed the Prestige Edition because 1. it was very expensive and 2. my preorder was cancelled by Amazon... So I had to get Dark Souls III Collector's Edition locally...

Amazon used to be the best place to order almost anything, but lately it's been terrible with me, so... I just moved to local stores. Seriously, what the hell? I have been building my collection with awesomeness and thanks to some stupid mistake from a store I miss something as important as the Prestige Edition, which I will probably never own? Disgusting!

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I usually don't have the habit of buying both PAL and NTSC versions of the same game. I usually just stick with PAL versions unless the NTSC one is very exclusive and important, but those are just a few exceptions I have in my collection.

However, I was forced to open another exception this time. Xenoblade Chronicles is by far my most favourite JRPG in recent years and I just couldn't resist getting the US version of the newest game.

I can easily tell the game has several flaws, including a few major ones, but even with all those flaws it's still am amazing game and I had a blast playing it. Nowadays, despite still buying a lot of stuff, it's not normal for me to spend over 100 hours in a single videogame. Knowing that I already spent about 170 hours playing this game and plan on returning to it some day again, you can probably tell how much I've liked this game. Too bad the ending sucks though...

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And another!

And here's another one from NISA Europe, this time Stella Glow for the Nintendo 3DS. I love these guys, I love these editions and I hope to somehow get the ones I've missed in the future!

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NISA Europe Rules!

When I've lost my hopes in getting this edition because I missed the preorders, NISA Europe contacted me to warn about its availability. Those guys from that store are absolutely amazing. It's not every day that you can find such a great costumer service. I am glad they started selling these editions in Europe! The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition Limited Edition!

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Loved it!

It's certainly not one of the best press kits released so far, but it's super original: Tearaway Unfolded Press Kit!  A paper craft Dual Shock controller makes this Tearaway Unfolded press kit something creative. It immediately caught my attention and I really needed to get it. I'm glad I own it now :)

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Always hard to let things like this to pass by...

I'm at that point again when it's impossible to keep up with so much stuff being released at the same time, so I have to make decisions and just get what's really important.

Sometimes, however, some unexpected things pop up and it just isn't possible to let those things pass by. Some time ago, I've heard about an extremely limited edition of the videogame Superbeat Xonic in the United States. Sadly, costumers from around the world were not allowed to buy that. The good thing about something you definitely shouldn't be able to get is... you save the money to spend on something else. But then, limited editions and some underground games are always popping up to make you waste your money unexpectedly. That's true for those who have a weak spirit, like me...

And this suddenly appeared in Europe. Superbeat Xonic Limited Edition, individually numbered and limited to 500 pieces only. How could I let this one pass by? I couldn't. Just not possible.

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Well this took some time to come out, but it eventually did. Too bad it didn't exactly match the expectations, considering the guy behind this is a respectable name behind some older games. Couldn't miss on preordering it due to the fact that it includes the physical version of the original Wii game.
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That epic moment when...

... an epic japanese game gets an epic edition in Europe. I totally missed the first game because I didn't want to spend so much money on its edition. I ended up buying it from scalpers in the end. I thought the same thing could happen with this second game but it seems that I'll probably find it later when the price drops, considering the stupid amount of copies this received...

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Just the same game again...

Was it really necessary? This is the 3rd different version of this game in my collection. First was the Wii version which I actually bought on release day and came close to finish it. Then not too long ago I managed to get a GameCube version. Suddenly this pops up in my collection. There really was no need for this... But it's Zelda, so yeah, it's almost mandatory...

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Real Saturn Chronicles Episode 12: Still studying...

First of all, I'd like to wish you happy holidays, regardless if you celebrate Christmas and the New Year or not. Lately, I've been quite busy trying to turn my life around and this will last for the next months. At least I'm felling happier than I was last year and hopefully these recent changes will bring something good throughout 2016. I've made a rather big decision and I've been working on it for the last few months. Once I'm done with this, another stage on my life will probably begin.

I obviously didn't stop buying games, although I must say that the number of stuff I have been buying recently has greatly decreased. For instance, my retro purchases are totally stopped right now and I don't know when I'll be able to resume getting older games. There are no longer good deals lying around and I'm just focusing on newer editions. I'm already missing the old stuff anyway, so I'd rather not miss the newer stuff still coming out as well. When there's no money, there is no serious collecting. Sadly, this means I've missed some important items but at least I was still able to afford the editions I wanted the most. Lately, I didn't have much patience to update the blog with my latest purchases but I just felt like writing something, so it's time to resume the story of my life (as a collector' at least). So, here we go again...

So, the end of my 2nd year at the uni was pretty rough. I was facing a lot of problems at home and still taking driving lessons while doing the finals. I don't have many good memories of those times because I was literally exhausted. I was obsessed with the university, afraid of failing, working my butt as much as I could. I still think that was the most stupid thing I did,

One good thing that actually happened that year was me getting my drivers' license. That happened a few days just before my birthday. Despite all the problems at home, my parents still prepared something that I certainly didn't see coming. One day, I came back from one of the finals in the middle of the afternoon and I was so tired that I immediately fell asleep on my bed as soon as I arrived home. Shortly after, my parents came into my room and and tried to wake me up to take to a used car seller. At that exact moment, I was so deep asleep in a completely different state of mind that I briefly woke up complaining before resuming my sleep. It's only natural you don't want to be disturbed after spending so many days with little to no sleep...

I woke up later that evening and I vaguely remember my parents entering my room but I was not sure if it was me dreaming or if it really happened - I was that confused. But it did happen. The following day they took me to a used car seller so I could try the used car they were planning on buying me for my birthday a few days later. It was a really green '98 Toyota Starlet. I just couldn't believe what was happening. It was a small car that belonged to an old guy who barely drove it, so it was as new as a used car could be. At first I wasn't fascinated by the colour but I eventually became fond of it. And who was I to refuse such an offer... I had just received my driver's license  a couple of days before and I had never driven a car by myself without the support of a teacher or someone by my side. I wasn't even expecting that my parents would allow me to drive alone at the beginning, let alone actually own a car. However, as we were about to leave the car dealer, my restrictive and overprotective mother gave me the keys at me and told me: "you're on your own now, see you at home". Just what the heck was happening? I admit I was a little scared to drive alone. In a very short period of time I realized I was feeling too confident with my brand new driving skills but I knew it was a fake overconfidence. I was still an unskilled driver.

It took me some time to get used to the fact that I had a car. But this gave me a sort of freedom I never had before and that was important for me. Shortly after I successfully finished my last exam and cleared the second year, I spent the summer break still working for uni in order to improve some of my marks at some classes instead of spending a month resting and preparing for the next year. That was the dumbest, most stupid thing I could possibly do at that time...

I eventually started the 3rd year and that was the moment I finally began collecting videogames more seriously... Sort of. It was definitely the early beginning of my collection before it became what it is now, and all because I finally found out about this amazing website called eBay.co.uk. That was in April 2003. Well, it was amazng at that time but I really can't say the same right now...

I really didn't know what to think about eBay when I originally created my account. Back then, eBay was something completely different than it is today. It was that place where most people were selling their unwanted goods for a small profit. Right now, eBay is basically where the scalper scum spend most of their time.

Back then, I was only focused on buying most of the PS1 games that I wanted to play a few years before but never really had the chance to get them (no money...). Those second hand games would sell for ridiculously low values. Most of the common games that I wanted would go for as low as 0.99 to 3 pounds. I thought that was just BS. How could a 30 euro game (second hand price) be available on eBay for 0.99 and nobody placed a bid? And there was this feedback system where everyone was talking wonders about  sellers and buyers. To me, that all seemed very fishy but I was very tempted to give it a try. I wasn't very fond of buying second hand games but for such prices I couldn't say "no". After a short time I decided to place a bid on one game that I wanted very much but never had the chanced to get: Dino Crisis 2. It took me a while to find someone who would be willing to post internationally. At that timed the pound sterling currency was much more valuable than the euro currency. One pound was almost two euros. However, international postage costs by registered mail were a hell lot more cheaper than the insane prices that are practiced today by Royal Mail. About three times cheaper for a regular videogame or dvd... Nowadays, even with a smaller difference between euros and pounds, the postage costs from the UK are truly atrocious.

I still lost a few auctions but the day came when I won my first game for 0.99 pounds plus postage. I had absolutely no idea what Paypal was or how it worked but thankfully the seller understood I was still a n00b and gave me some time to pay. I eventually managed to have a fully active Paypal account with a provisional credit card and I paid for the game using Paypal for the first time ever. Back then, there was only an american version of the Paypal website. After about two weeks later the game arrived at my home and it was as good as if it had never been played. I immediately thought: "holy crap this is real". I couldn't believe it. I had just found a gold mine and it was time to finally buy all those favourite PS1 titles that I left behind years before!

At the same time, I started visiting second hand stores to see what I could find in there. I know I've said before that I always avoided to buy second hand games, but if I wanted to get some of the older ones I had no other choice but to buy them in used condition.
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People at home can do a better job than huge companies sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before. One of the many factors killing this awesome hobby of collecting videogames is the fact that many great games are coming out as digital versions only. Even big games come to our markets unfinished and you have to pay for the missing pieces that most people call DLC. I'm also pretty sure I've stated the cons and pros of digital games in a previous text.

Companies, mostly the BIG ones, are not that interested in anything else but profit. There are several exceptions to this rule, but most just want to fill in more money. They don't really care about collectors who do not appreciate digital goods. They don't care if half the civilized world doesn't get their awesome exclusive editions due to country exclusivities. Not too long ago, even Square Enix and Ubisoft would release certain limited editions exclusive to EMEA territories in their websites but they wouldn't ship to Portugal and they still don't ship to a ton of areas located in EMEA territory, which is just ridiculous: "hey, we have this exclusive edition in our website available to your country, but you cannot buy it because we don't ship to you." Yes, it's just as dumb as it sounds, but they don't care. Business, business, business, that's all that matters. Let's not forget there are always exceptions to this rule, but I'm generalizing and I don't mind if it sounds bad.

Thankfully, there are some people out there who completely understand the perspective of those like me who still like to collect physical games. Not only they understand but they also have the balls to start their own project of actually releasing region free, limited retail copies of games that otherwise would just be available in digital format. This time, I'm particularly referring to Limited Run Games. Multimillionaire companies never have the same concerns as these guys who already started doing their awesome job. 

I was lucky enough to hear about them shortly before the first game was produced and released. I usually miss these things, but I was just lucky this time. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the very first game called Breach & Clear, by Mighty Rabbit Studios, Inc, released in a limited number of region free physical copies by Limited Run Games. This first successful launch was obviously targeted by some scalpers but this is an indie team we're talking about and I know they'll take all necessary measures to prevent this cancerous behaviour from spreading across their games. I will get all their physical releases while I can. It's my duty as a collector to support a company that's doing something as awesome as these guys.

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Before the 3rd one comes out...

I spend a long time searching for deals and looking for information on upcoming editions just to make sure I do not miss any of the really special stuff. Suddenly, sh!t happens and, as a result, I only get there too late.

It's been a long time since I've heard of those exclusive HMV covers and slipcases. They had quite a few of these some years ago. And there I was, randomly searching the internet when I suddenly come across this limited, numbered cover for Dark Souls II. Sometimes I'm not in a rush to get one limited item and there are several reasons for that: price, quality of the game, unpopular series, whatsoever. But... damn, this was Dark Souls II. I hardly collect NTSC versions but I even bought the deluxe edition of the first title because I thought it would never be released in Europe. As soon as I learned that HMV released this limited edition cover, I had an urge to get it. At first, I thought that it was already too late and most were gone to collector's hands who would either not sell it at all or ask a ton of money for it. Thankfully, I was wrong.

It seems that not too many people know about the existence of this cover. This even includes those casual buyers who bought it back at release date, which means they appear for sale every now and then without ridiculous prices. After knowing this existed, it took me a few minutes to find one copy on auction and a couple of days to finally win the bid. Unfortunately, it's not factory sealed. Still, I'm more than glad to have it. I know I mentioned above how special and important the Demon's Souls or Dark Souls series is but, to be honest, I never really bothered playing it. I know how hard it is. Since this limited edition was not sealed, I decided to give it a try. After one hour I gave up. I gave up playing it even before knowing how hard it is. The first enemies were easy but I forgot how many times I died by falling off ledges because I couldn't figure out the way or the camera got messed up. What a noob! *spit*. 

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Some people have nothing better to do...

I'm feeling a little depressed right now. Last Thursday I was engaged in a street fight because one stupid guy decided to punch me instead of sorting the problem with dialogue. I thought I had a bad day, until I heard about the incidents in Paris (France), Baga (Nigeria) and Beirut (Lebanon). Just what the hell is going...

So in order to cheer things up here's a little something. Mario Maker amiibo bundle with the classic coloured, pixelated Mario. Great concept, nice amiibo. That's enough of amiibo, Nintendo. 

There's another ton of them coming soon though...

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Time flies...

Several years ago, when I originally started to become a fan of Japanese games, anime and all that stuff that produces weebos all over the world, I had all sorts of reasons to complain about the treatment Europe and specially this country received with most releases. Europe was and still is a complicated place for international companies to deal with. Unlike the US, Europe is divided in many different countries that greatly vary in sizes, cultures, languages, rules and markets. This obviously makes it harder to localize media in general. To make things worse, some of those countries don't really accept foreign languages very well in their products and almost require them to be translated. As a result, the hassle of localizing videogames in so many languages was a big enough problem that pushed them away from being released here. At that time, even some of the most popular and successful titles from big companies never saw a PAL release in their original format. Other titles that eventually made it here would arrive several months (sometimes years...) later. I believe I have been complaining about these things since I was about 13 or 14 years old.

Nowadays, things are completely different. So different that it's hard to think they were so bad in the past. In just a few years, the videogaming market in Europe suffered some drastic changes. At the moment there is an insane number of  Japanese titles being released for several platforms to the point that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. The number of limited editions for both western and Japanese games is also insanely high, with certain countries receiving their own exclusive PAL versions. Even small, independent companies are opening stores and releasing limited editions and other exclusive Japanese stuff in their PAL format.

Senran Kagura Burst 2 Shinobi Edition is one of the greatest examples of Europe's current status when it comes to limited editions and exclusive items. 15 years ago, it was absolutely unthinkable to see such an "odd" title being released in PAL format, let alone a limited edition of this caliber. It's quite amazing and it makes me happy to see that the gap between Europe and Japan/US is much, much shorter.

I really don't have anything against NTSC versions. I prefer PAL versons simply because I grew up with them and became attached to them. I didn't have access to NTSC exclusive titles and my tiny childhood collection was made of PAL games only. At a certain point, when buying things online started to become a trend and I finally had access to an enormous amount of items that were previously near impossible to get, I would still be focused on just getting PAL stuff. My monetary limitations wouldn't allow me to collect everything from every region as you can imagine, so focusing on PAL games was a way to narrow down my already extensive whishlists. Sadly, this basically meant that I was leaving many masterpieces out of my collection. I just couldn't buy everything from every region as you can imagine. 

As my collection started to grow over the years, I slowly started to buy a few NTSC exclusive titles and there are still many others I expect to buy in the future. However, with so much stuff being released in Europe like I never imagined before, I have some very strong, brand new reasons to continue to focus my attention on PAL releases. 

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