I promised a huge update within a couple of weeks. I lied.

Unfortunately I didn't have the time and the patience to update the blog, but I have many things I still need to add. I've added a few items so far, but there are many more I still need to include. I seriously hope to take care of that within the next few days :). Cheers!
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Too... many... please... stop it!

Assassin's Creed really is a major pain in the ass to collect. I hate Ubisoft, but it's true that they sometimes do a very decent job with their videogame releases. It's their mandatory online connection, milky DLCs, crappy costumer service and UPlay's restrictions to countries they don't like to post to (without even explaining why) that make me dislike this company.

I already had the Animus Edition, but now that the regular Collector's Edition price dropped to 20 euros, why miss it? It's Assassin's Creed after all and there are many crazy fans around the globe so price is certain to increase.
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'This is the last game I will make', said no Kojima ever.

Okay, this one wasn't exactly made by Kojima, but still, it's another Metal Gear (in title, at least). I was a little envious that the Japanese goto a pretty awesome Play Arts Kai figure of Raiden. I don't really need to have a figure or statue in every edition that I buy but I really expected to see a Limited Edition in Europe with that figure. And that's exactly what they did! The bad news is that the editions come with nothing else but the game and the figure. That's a little poor, but still nice anyway.

This is yet another game I still didn't have the time to play. "So what the hell do you play if you buy so many games?", you ask. Well, I played Tomb Raider recently as well as Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. I've also been playing some older Mega Drive games.  I want to play this game, God of War Ascension and Bioshock Infinite but first I might pick one of those HD collections recently released (probably Zone of the Enders) and give it a try.
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Greetings from Japan

I've finally decided to get some of Japan's best exclusives for Super Famicon (SNES), PS1 and PS2. I'm starting with the exclusive RPGs (not all of them of course) but I'm also targeting some mecha-based videogames, starting with Gundam games. The first LE to arrive at my collection is Mobile Suit Gundam ver 2.0 Limited Edition in mint condition. I'm pleased :).
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Blood. Blood everywhere.

The new game is finally here and comes with a Collector's Edition, as expected. A Portuguese version was released and I decided to get that one mostly because it usually includes many more languages such as Portuguese, which is not available in most other versions. The outer box is kinda fragile, the statue is average size and not very detailed and it includes the Limited Edition sold separately, but for about 85 euros including a free PSN subscription wasn't that bad! Now I need to play the game but that's gonna take some time. I'll probably wait for a price drop or borrow from someone instead of opening my copy.
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1000 chapters later...

Naruto is one of those japanese series that I love and hate at the same time. The show becomes epic, then boring, then becomes epic again. I stopped watching the anime because the fillers are damn boring, but I love the manga.

15 years ago it was unthinkable for us, European gamers, to see a series receive a game where the storyline goes beyond the anime in Japan. And that's exactly what happened with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Being a fan of the main story, I am usually disappointed with some of the games that add a lot to the fillers as well. But I really couldn't let pass the newest game

And because I was still missing the previous game, I managed to get a good deal on a near-mint copy of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Unfortunately too many things are missing in the main storyline of each character, but overall the game is still well worth it.
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Lara Croft is back. And broken in several pieces

I'm a pretty big Tomb Raider Fan. I was able to enjoy almost every game released so far. I obviously couldn't miss the latest game, but I was kinda septic about it, specially after seeing the initial gameplay footage. In the end, the game is pretty amazing. Took me a few days to finish and was kinda easy but it has plenty of other things to do. I got the Survival Edition to open and play the game. I also got the Collector's Edition and keep it sealed. Finally, I couldn't miss the German steelbook with slipcase, mostly because it has the slipcase as I couldn't care less about the steelbook. I've finished this game and to be honest it surpassed my expectations, which were actually fairly low. In the end, the game is very good.
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Mother of Castlevania!

It took me over 5 years to buy this game. It's not the only one that I'm missing but it certainly is, by far, one of the hardest to get. Castlevania Vampire's Kiss for the Super Nintendo, complete. Outer box is not mint (I wish it was) but it's still in a very good condition and it's the real deal, not a repro. Now I'm only missing an original copy of Belmont's Revenge for the original GB, the first two NES games and Order of Ecclesia for NDS.
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Not exactly Miss UK...

Yup, the new gruesome edition of Dead Island Riptide caused some trouble to Deep Silver, who made a public apology for releasing a completely ripped apart. I'm already used to there creepy items (Ghost Hunter / FEAR 2 Press Kits anyone?) but I had to get this. I heard the 360 version was exclusive to the UK. I had no idea when I originally bought it :P

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