As you probably know already, there are some items out there that are very hard to nearly impossible to obtain. My collection has some interesting items, but it is so far away from my goals... Not to mention I don't even have japanese or american games and editions for even a single console that I definitely must buy some time later if I want to have a good collection. And there are some amazing items out there that I never expect to get because they are either too rare or extremely expensive (ever heard of the Tetris for Megadrive? If not, you might be familiar with something more common such as the pal version of Batman and Robin or Fatal Fury Special for Mega/Sega CD...)
This month a miracle happened. The next pictures show something I never expected to get in my collection. These are items I saw in the internet and the same minute I knew about them I told to myself... "Don't even dream, you will never have those in your collection". And, this month, I just proved how wrong I was. From this point onward, "impossible" is a word that I will never tell when I talk about my collection. I know that they are not the rarest thing in the world, there are things out there worth a lot more cash. But to me, to actually reach the day I would own these editions? That's heaven... You will not be surprised because you probably already know them, but there they are: all the 3 Zelda Limited Edition Adventure Sets!

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Picture Rampage

I promised a lot of pictures, but since my camera's battery is done for, I could not take them. So I'll just add some more that I have in my laptop at this moment. Here it goes...

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Been a while...

... since I last updated. So much to show yet, but I'm lazy... I will need to find a job soon and increase my retro game collection as well. Anyway, you can expect a lot of pictures soon. I will be filling the main page with plenty of pictures and no text. I will also start adding my action figure collection too, which is rather small but hey those things are expensive sometimes. Doing my best to increase the number of items and the quality of my collection.
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Devil May Cry

When I took my copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X off the self, I realized it had a bonus disc. As I was playing the game and being killed by zombies after a few hours of play, I got bored and turned the console off. But then, when I was going to place the disc inside the case... there it was, the playable demo of a certain game called Devil May Cry. Let's try it out...

...I played and finished the demo. I kinda enjoyed the game but money was short and I deffinitely would not buy it, there were other priorities. Needless to say I ended up purchasing the game. Played till the very end, all difficulty levels, even got an S rank in every mission in Dante Must Die. All done. Some time later, #2 came out and I had to buy it. Unfortunately I did not like it as much. The gameplay was fine, but the storyline did not catch my attention. I finished that game, then by the time I made it to the university #3 came out. I never finished the third one unfortunately. And #4 is coming. Damn I have to catch up fast.

The first Devil May Cry was a reference to me. Finally I bought a game where I could do some nice stunts, fast-paced action, it was a great experience... Okay, Enough talk now.

My collection includes the following: The regular edition of the original game and a Special edition promo version that comes in a card sleeve/digipack. Great-looking, but no big deal here. Then I have two editions of Devil May Cry 2: the retail version and the Limited Promo edition with a pretty cool slipcase. It was not pictured though, but if you'd like to see it just add a comment. Finally I have two limited editions of the third game. In fact they are the regular game with a limited edition cover/slipcase, and that's it. There are two covers, one is exclusive to the UK and the other one is exclusive to Germany. They both look really great and I love artworks such as these. I am still missing the Special Edition of the third game, but that one is fairly common and since I did not finish the third game, now's the chance =).
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It's been a long time...

I just graduated, but I was not very successful in the final exam. Anyway, I passed and that's more important than anything else. I have not had the time to update my blog. Now it is time to add some new information. I continued purchasing games and I have dozens of new ones, not to mention a whole lot of games I have and never even mentioned in this blog.

I have also been colaborating with a friend I recently met. He created a videogame collectors website for videogame collectors of this country. You won't probably understand the language but you can at least check it out, there are many interesting collections over there really worth checking. The adress is: www.vgcpt.com. I have updated pictures of my collecion taken days ago on that website, if you feel curious just look here: http://vgcpt.com/index.php?option=com_rsgallery2&Itemid=89&catid=12.

Meanwhile, I will go back to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma. It has been a while I felt challenged like this to finish a videogame. Starting Hard Mode right now :)
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Too much to do

Due to the great amount of stuff I currently have to do, I don't really have time to update the blog. I have been purchasing quite a few new games, right now only regular editions and a couple of rare items. I should be able to update this during the next weekend. Kinda tired now...
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Shin Megami Tensei hits Europe

Many great games don't even get released in Europe. Not only we get most games later than then rest of the world but we also miss some of the biggest gaming treasures out there, even from internationally famous companies. That is sad indeed. Most of the times Europe even gets the worst videgame convertions since it is a lot of trouble for japanese companies to convert NTSC to PAL and translate them to the several european languages. And I'm talking about BIG companies like Square and so. Many countries care a lot if a game's in their original language or not. I'm not that sort: as much as the game's in English I'm fine with that. And it's been like that since I was 7 or so. Not everything's negative though. There are certain companies that care to do things right and make sure we also get good quality games. Konami and Capcom, for instance, seem to care about that. Even Square-Enix came up with a good conversion for Final Fantasy XII this time (or so it seems).
The Picture above shows one game series that is well-known in Japan and even America but was unknown to many people in Europe: Shin Megami Tensei. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the first game to be released in PAL territories was Lucifer's Call (Nocturne). So far I've been targeting the SMT saga for PS2. In my collection I currently have Lucifer's Call, Digital Devil Saga Collector's Edition, Digital Devil Saga regular edition, Digital Devil Saga 2 Collector's Edition and bonus Soundtrack.

The Digital Devil Saga Collector's Edition exists in extremely low numbers. It was only available for purchase by pre-order in Ghostlight's uk site (the official distributors I think). If you preordered the game, you would see your name written in the last pages of the manual. Theoricaly, if you count the names you would know how many copies of this version exist but I can't be bothered doing that (maybe some day...). Despite that, the only difference is the shiny cover instead of the regular print and it came with a bonus T-shirt. I totally missed this because I didn't know about the pre-order. I only know two people from this country that preordered this game. When I first heard about it, I knew I had to get it. I managed to purchase one copy from Germany (thanks a lot to the seller who didn't mind posting to my country). I surely don't have my name in the manual, but I couldn't care less. As for the Digital Devil Saga 2 Collector's edition, well one could not make the same mistake twice so when I heard about its release I started to watch Ghostlight's site to see if they would do the preorder thing again. And they did. But the game is available to public in UK shops for a very limited time though . It seems, however, that people who preorder also received a bonus soundtrack disc and a poster. The poster was a bonus added later because Sony dellayed the game release for a few days and Ghostlight added the poster to compensate for the delay after apologizing by e-mail.
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I did not really want to post this image right now, was keeping it to another time but who cares anyway... Most people don't even care about these items. But to me they are very important and extremely rare. These are the PS1 and PS2 commemorative editions I own. They are mostly available to Sony employees only so it took me quite a bit of time to get all these. First, a Tekken 2 Limited Edition to celebrate production of 10 millionth European Playstation disc. Then it's the Rapid Racer to celebrate production of the 50 millionth European Playstation disc. The first two are rare indeed. The Gran Turismo edition was released to celebrate the production of 100 million European Playstation discs. The last one, Tekken 3, is a commemorative disc celebrating the SCEE conference in Athens. Don't know what happened there to make them release such an edition.

Finally, two other similar editions for PS2. The Getaway celebrating the production of 100.000.000 discs. There are 1000 of these, each individually numbered. As for the Hadware Online Arena, that is quite a treasure. It was released to celebrate production of 150.000.000 ps2 game discs. However, there are only 100 of these and mine seems to be the number 1 edition of all the 100 available since its number is 150.000.001. There are certainly other editions available, I'll keep searching for these like I've been doing for almost 3 years now...
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New stuff soon

I added some new stuff in my collection. I think I might have finally obtained the 4th commemorative disc for PS1 but to tell the truth I do not know if there are others. Same goes for PS2. Something really important is also coming to my collection but I'll leave that to another time (at least I won't post it until I get my hands on it). This post also means I will stop purchasing games for a while, a few months maybe. I'm nearly broke and I seriously need some time to recover my bank account. I might still pick some important second-hand games I come across. My PS2 game collection is already pretty good, with nearly 150 regular games. From my perspective, once I reach about 210 games I should have cleared my PS2 wishlist and will give priority to older consoles. By the end of the year I expect to clear my Saturn wishlist as well. This is just the beginning of my collection.

While not purchasing new games for a while, I will take this time to add the rest of my collection, from regular games to other special boxes not posted yet. I'll keep updating this slowly. Playstation 3 is almost here but It will be nearly impossible for me to purchase it at this point unless I have the support from close relatives but I'm not the sort that rellies on others just like that.
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Gran Turismo Nissan 350Z Edition

Finally, the most important item in my recent purchases... the rumoured Nissan 350Z edition for Gran Turismo. I was able to get the complete press kit that comes with 3 discs, one of them being the 350Z Edition. Awesome purchase!!! I'm pretty sure there are other versions of GT. I do not have the Mazda one. But my GT collection is now close to completion, missing only a few items. Of course, I'm not conting the japanese Nike Boxset or the japanese releases but I don't feel like purchasing japanese boxes or items... I live in Europe, I'm used to European releases, I give a lot more value to PAL releases.

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Yakuza business

You do not want to mess with these guys. They're the bad ones from Japan. And Sega produced a game based on them. This special handcase comes with artificial paper notes and includes a full copy of the game as well as an extra disc and a leaflet with information about the game. There's a different leaflet with a different disc that I got from Germany that doesn't come in this box but I guess they are the two most important items related to this game.
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Celebrating the fact that I got this, finally

For most, this is a crappy edition. For me it's a treasure that took me quite a while to get. This particular verison is still sealed and comes in a plain black slim box with the official ps1 hologram. It's a Rapid Racer Commemorative edition to celebrate the production of 50.000.000 game discs. Only handed to SCEE employees. Quite a treasure, specially still sealed.

EDIT: almost three years (!!!) to get my hands on this, and suddenly I get a second, new but not sealed copy. I now have two. Damn! It's almost frustrating considering the time and patience I took searching for this in the past.
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Le Grand Monde des Bleus

Football... possibly the biggest sport in Europe... This box here is a limited edition of the french game "Le Monde Des Bleus". 10000 of these were released to celebrate the victory of the French team in the World Cup '98. A good collectible even though I am not a fan of fotball but this box called my attention. It's now well kept in my collection.
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New updates soon

It's been a while, I've been away but now it's time to show some new and cool items. I'm expecting to receive even more items. I finally managed to get some important items such as the Rapid Racer Commemorative edition and the WRC 2 box to finish my collector's editions of WRC.
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