Another one of these?

Yep... I did not resist to buy the white PSP Final Fantasy Dissidia Limited Edition. Might have been a stupid decision to spend s much cash in a console I hardly even play, but considering I already had the Crisis Core edition and I'm a real Final Fantasy fan, I decided to spend some cash. At least this was released in Europe. Too bad the original Japanese boxes are much better. Instead we get a regular commercial package instead of the fine box with the logo on it. But at least it was released over here, which is good considering the majority of similar editions never leave japan! The collector's edition of the game alone is already heading my way as well.
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A full set of interesting editions

As I've said before, I had a couple of editions in my sleeve but I was waiting for them. Now, to make a brief description of them...

Yes I know you've seen it before. But actually this one is different than the other. The picture included in the frame is not the same Prince but one of the bosses. And this frame is even numbered. I assume that there are more pictures of the other bosses with numbers as well, though I may be wrong, but if I'm rigth (I may be very wrong...) there are 5 diferent boxes and I currently own 2 of them.

This little gem is a FFXII press kit. Compared to its previous kits from VIII and X, this one's a little poor but still includes some nice art cards, a map and other extra stuff. All fit inside a fragile card box.

Bionic commando. Does this even have anything to do with the nes classic? Have to do some research... A promo edition in a nice boxset with a bonus t-shirt.

Ninja blade, a fine boxset that does not even include the game, only the promo stuff.

Now this one looks pretty good and even comes with the retail version of the game. Halo Wars, long box set.

One of the most original editions I've bought in recent times. This edition really seemed nothing special at all, but once I received it I loved it. A square box, completely green with the game logo on it. Once you open it, you see it filled with 9 real tennis balls. I usually take good care of these boxsets, so I only opened the box half way because I was afraid to open it all. But then I realised I was actually supposed to open the box like that when I noticed it was actually a tennis court. Very original indeed, I totaly underestimated this one!

Miss croft has this blue boxset with her sillhouette. Inside there are a few bonus items and a press disc, including an action figure and a t-shirt. Nice one too, but probably not as nice as the previous ones.
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Batman rules once again

It's been quite a while since a videogame based in a famous movie or merchandise was considered a hit. Batman, for instance, had all sorts of games for almost every major console. Great games like the SNES version, bad games like the PS1 versions... but finally, several years later, one of the greatest american super heroes ever created so far is finally receiving the treatment it deserves. Dark Knight was a fantastic movie. I am not a fan of Batman - at all - but even so the movie itself was surprisingly good, very good. And now, the newest game known as Arkham Asylum is relased. Honestly, I did not think this game would be that good, but surprisingly enough it's already considered a top choice by most editors and reviewers.

The special edition of this game itself is quite surprising as well - a least at first sight. We probably all knew about it and how good it would look. When it was finally released it really seemed to match our expectations. However, the most important item of this edition, the boomerang (sorry, I can't get used to call it Batarang...) is a major disappointment.

The difference in price between this big boxset and the regular game is small that it doesn't make that much sense to buy the game alone and leave this edition behind. But if you expect to buy this edition specifically because of the boomerang replica which seems to be the most impressive bonus, then think twice. Unless you want it for collection purposes or for the extra content still interests you, the boomerang will probably be a major let-down. The plastic looks cheap and bad, not quite the materials that should have been used. It's completely scratched and looks bad because it was purposely made to look like it was used, just like in the game. And finally, the boomerang and the stand are a single piece, meaning you can't remove the boomerang alone from the stand.

Looking at the original pictures before the edition was released, the boomerang really seems something much bettar than this cheap imitation. It's a shame...
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It took me some time to get this...

F.E.A.R. 2 wooden box with a creepy Alma doll. It really combines with my Ghost Hunter edition, considering how similar both editions are. This one was tough to get, but it's not the only one currently giving me problems.

More editions like this one will be coming very very soon to this blog, or so I hope.
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Slim line now available.

Now that the PS3 slim finally came out, I stumbled across this mint condition PS2 slim model. It's used, but if you're well informed you already know the differences between this and the current PS2 slim on sale. I expect to get the newest model too, but not any time soon.

I won't be buying the PS3 slim now, not even close. The PSP Go is also coming soon but I am not really that big a psp fan to buy yet another PSP especially knowing it will be DL-only without any physical support. I an a fan of physical media. It will be impossible to collect downloadable games when there's no physical support. I understand that the production of millions of games and discs wastes way too many natural resources, and we have to get used to that because soon enought most consoles should all be like this in the near future, meaning it should be the end of physical software, no matter how much we like it or not. So basically, for me, PSP GO and PS3 Slim are out of the question.

PSP Final Fantasy Dissidia version was just released and I expect to buy that console next month. It will be what I call a waste of money in an expensive current gen portable system with little or no use at all. I wanted to buy the Red Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 but I am currently struggling with so many things coming out at the same time that it is impossible to get a hold of everything. So, once again, I have to make decisions and sacrifices (if it's not a sin to apply this word when talking about videogames...) and decide what I really want to buy.
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