Fairytale Fights? More like Tragedy Fights...

Okay so this game is... not that fun to play. The concept is quite original I must say. The graphics are good looking and the overall impression of the game is actually positive. Well, at least until you actually go as far as trying to play it... The game is ruined with the average gameplay and repetitive levels that only last for the first 10 minutes of fun you'll have while playing it. And yes, this reminds me of Little Big Planet. A lot. I'd say it's some sort of cheaper ripoff. Except that you take off all the good stuff about customization and add a lot of blood and violence to it (just to make the comparison short...). If anyone could find this game enjoyable, that would be kids. In fact, the game itself looks like it was specifically designed for kids. But then, they added a lot of blood and detailed scenes of the animated characters being ripped to pieces, kinda like Happy Three Friends (only with bad and messed up animation). So basically, they did a game for kids that's not supposed to be played by kids... Does this make any sense at all? I wouldn't say that the game sucks like most of you will think, but it certainly isn't that good either. Anyway, I managed to find this enjoyable boxset that's worth to have in my collection. But this thing actually comes with some candies... Will have to throw them away (they don't even have a best before date, is that even legal?)

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