Back to the purples...

Some time ago I wrote a few messages about the purple Master System games only released in Portugal. It's been a while since I've completed the full set of these with the console included, so I decided to take my time and make yet another group picture with all the titles and the console. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Last of Us is finally here.

This was the latest game I've finished and I seriously need to say - what a masterpiece! The reviews were definitely not exaggerating. I loved it. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, but that's my personal opinion. The game by itself is truly amazing. There are many good action games out there but this one is just one step ahead. I've made quite an investment on this game: bought the two special editions released over here, Joel Edition and Ellie Edition, as well as the Amazon IT exclusive Ellie Collector's Edition. I loved this game so much that I've decided to spend more money on this franchise. The Press Kit should be on his way to me, and I will hopefully get some other editions from different regions!

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Italy does it again

Just like several countries in Europe, Italy is at the top of the list when it comes to exclusive stuff. We've seen extremely limited editions of Mass Effect 3 and later Halo 4. But among those editions, there's also one less known for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 called the King of Iron Fist Edition. Limited to about 1200 units or so, this editions comes with just an Alisa figure (which is sold separately) and a copy of We Are Tekken edition. To be honest, these don't feel like official stuff even though they probably are.

I managed to grab the King of Iron Fist Edition for a rather cheap price, but without the "We Are Tekken Edition" (which I plan on getting later). It also came with a Tekken Hybrid Collector's Edition (NTSC) without the regular game, which was a nice addition to my collection as well.

Now I just need the games :)

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Cute and fluffy

Yep, since it was limited to 1000 pieces and so cheap, why miss the limited Edition of this MMORPG from Playasia? I think I took the right decision, especially because this edition looks cute. I can't tell much about the game because I didn't Play it - I'm a sinner, not knowing what I'm buying :/

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Zelda Collection approaching its end

I'm not a hardcore collector of certain series or franchises, so I'm happy as much as I get each individual game or special edition released in Europe, excluding variants and budget lines. Now that I've managed to get Spirit Tracks Limited Edition, I'm just missing the original Link's Awakening game for the original Gameboy and the Wind Waker slipcase on the GC. I will probably never get the Gold Pack for the SNES or that Ocarina of Time pack with the t-shirt from Germany. Those are two items people bid the sh!* out of them and the final prices are ridiculous, so I'm not even counting those. AfterI get the missing game and that slipcase, I think I'm done with Zelda. I wish I could say the same about Megaman :P

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Injustice: Gods killing each other

The newly arrived game from DC studios combines Mortal Kombat gameplay (sort of...) with DC characters of all sorts. This Collector's Edition is quite decent. The statue is actually pretty cool, looks very good IMO and it's much larger than I originally expected. It's not top notch, but far better than I first expected and that's good to know. I played the game for a little while and I enjoyed it, but still doesn't beat my favourite fighting games gameplay-wise.

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How many are there?

This is yet another one of the dozens of different Dead Island Riptide editions released around the world. Another Polish exclusive, very similar to the Survival Kit from the previous game which I didn't manage to get as I was mostly concerned about the Treasure Edition. Includes all sorts of bonus items but nothing particularly impressive. What makes it cool is the quantity of tiny items and bonus altogether that form this edition and the fact that it comes from a country with a language that makes it hard for foreign buyers like me to get this stuff. Dead Island is roughly a new franchise that only received two different games so far and yet there are almost 20 different editions for both games. Damn!

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Not just in the US after all!

Mortal Kombat Ultimate Edition was originally announced as an NTSC exclusive only release in America. I wasn't much interested in that edition mostly because it was too big and expensive to import. But then I found out that a PAL version exists. France received its own 'Edition Ultimate' which is certainly better than the crappy and over-expensive Collector's Edition we got over here.

And then the price dropped to less than 60 euros and I got it. I'm actually happy that I was able to get this edition for such a good price and arrive in perfect condition, still sealed.

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Temporary insanity

I remember when the first game came out: it looked great and it was amazing. So I preordered the second game, but it was pretty annoying to play.

And now here we have the 3rd game: Far Cry 3. I wasn't expecting to buy this so soon, but the price was too good and the reviews and screenshots looked great as well, so I was really tempted. I might give this game a try when I have the chance. It's not a bad edition at all. I'm glad it's not huge like so many others.

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Oh, those country exclusives...

This time, good ol' France received this particular boxset for the PSP: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker with the accessories made by HORI if I am correct. These accessories were available as a separate bundle, but GAME in France received it as an exclusive special edition pack that comes with the game, which makes this an exclusive collectible.

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A little love to Forza

I guess I won't take too much time talking about Forza, a great driving sim created for the Xbox. The latest games were pretty good, but I didn't have the chance to give Horizon a try. Unfortunately, unlike the previous games, there was no Portuguese release, so I just took my chance of getting the Collector's Edition from Game UK as soon as the price dropped to something I was willing to spend on it. And so here it is: Forza Horizon Limited Edition. Edit: Actually, I don't know what happened to the picture so I'll update this post later :o

And now something a little more special... Well, actually, not really. It may be rare, but it's not that great: the spanish exclusive Forza Motorsport 3 Press Kit. It barely comes with anything else but a larger outer box and a promotional copy of the game. I think it also came with a key chain but I believe it's missing. I need to confirm this.

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Not sure how this fits in my videogame collection...

Found a Forza 4 Car wash kit. It doesn't come with the game and it's probably just a promotional item but I found it quite amusing and it includes a booklet with information. The price was appealing too, so I thought "hey, why not?" and bought it :)

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