Soul Calib*u*r V

And the 5th title of a fighting series that started on DC (yeah, PS1 etc, I know...) is finally here! And another edition came with it... This boxset is almost a copy paste of Fable III because it has the exact same size and shape. Content-wise, it's good enough to justify its purchase after the recent price drop. Haven't played the game yet, hopefully will soon.
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I lost my souls when I died... and my money when I bought this.

I must say that I sold a part of my soul to get my hands on this rather rare press kit for the game Dark Souls and now I'l regretting a little... I mean... It's just not worth to pay so much for things that really don't have much value because their quality doesn't meet what it would be expected... With the money I've spent on this, I could have bought two or three of the most recent collector's editions, but I didn't. It's a shame, but I know that with time my remorse will go away. The box is a little fragile, mainly made of card with several stickers covering it. Comes with a very small book, a zippo and the promo version of the game, all placed in a foam inner support. I've seen this only three times for sale and the first one ended for over twice as much as I paid for mine. But now I see it really isn't worth that much for sure.
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How tough could it be to get a Crystal?

Damnn, another final fantasy game, yet another limited edition going insane on ebay after it became sold out. Stipud HMV decides to cancel my order one week before the release that, when it's already too late to find it in any other place. But suddenly they have a few more copies in stock. Zavvi, on the other hand, pulled a very dirty stunt... The edition was available for sale on their website for 59 pounds. It became sold out pretty quickly. The game gets released and this edition pops up on their ebay outlet store for TWICE AS MUCH. Seriously, WHY????

I had to get this edition from local stores. If it wasn't for that, I would have missed the PS3 version because it was pretty hard to get. I eventually picked up both, being such a Final Fantasy Fan... actually, I was a fan of the original 3 PS1 titles, and that's still one of the main reasons that makes me collect all games and editions from the series. If it wasn't for that, I'd not worry so much with buying the same game/edition for both consoles...

Right now I'm only missing the two exclusive slipcases and the blue slipcase for PS3 of the original FFXIII game.

Oh and I can't forget to mention that I also have the two preorder tin cases, one for each console, both factory sealed. My only complain is the fact that this is a steelbook and no matter how good people consider them, they rust where I live - and no I don't live in a pond, I live in a sunny country actually. Overall it was a fairly good preorder bonus to be honest.
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Another slipcase

I may not like steelbooks, but I do like those useless slipcases that come with regular games! I am still missing a few but wish to get them all. The latest was a Bumblebee slipcase for the game Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It took me quite some time to get it but I finally managed to grab one for a bargain price, thanks to an amazing UK seller that decided to post to me. I am glad with that!
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Resident Evil games will never be the same...

... or so I though after I played the 4th and 5th titles. I mean... the 4th game is great, and the 5th game is also very good, but they can hardly be called survival horror games... I miss the old T-virus and all those dumb zombies lurking around town... Resident Evil Revelations was finally released on Nintendo 3DS and I really needed to play that game. I loved it I must say. I loved it much more than the last few games (not counting the spin-offs). This really takes the game a little back to its roots, but this time it offers some very ugly and stupid monsters that have almost anything to do with zombies... They call it the T-abyss virus... PU-LEASE just call it whatever you want but if there ain't no zombies don't call it T! Really!

Anyway, I still enjoyed the game quite a bit and went straight to the end in just a few days. Also played some of the extra missions and they are very enjoyable, with level ups and weapons to purchase and upgrade. As you can tell already, I got the Circle Pad Pro bundle. It really improves the gameplay by quite a bit. I can't play this game without it and I believe that, looking at how good the gameplay for this game is with the extra analogue stick, it will be very useful to other games in the future. At first I though it would be a stupid thing for Nintendo to release such an add-on, but now I take that back! My only concern though is that sooner or later new versions of the console will be released and the analogue stick ill be integrated in the console itself. This is 99,99% guaranteed and by that time I will want to spend on that new model. And that sucks...

If you have a Nintendo 3DS and still didn't get this game, please do yourself a favour and get it now - it's not just one of the best games in the console with impressive 3D effects but also one of the best Resident Evil games I played in a long time.
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There's only one World. Fake.

It took me a very long tome to finally decide to buy this edition, until I couldn't hold any longer and bought it. I left behind two other editions from the previous game, the smaller Premium Edition and the most recent Velvet Edition, which unfortunately I don't think I'll get any time soon. The game itself looks pretty good but unfortunately the reviews were not that great. This is yet another game I never really planned to play but I believe it has some gameplay issues looking at the videos. I can't really judge the game without playing. This "Strict Limited" (yah right...) Royal Edition includes a good looking tough box, a Dragon Queen Hand-painted figure and a small hard cover artbook among other goodies. It's pretty nice, slightly bigger than Assassin'c Creed Black Edition but still has an acceptable size, not TOO large... I'd rate it 8/10.
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