Black, White, Special Film... Anything else?

Seriously, why so many different editions for the same game at the same time? It makes no sense! I miss the time when games only had a regular release. Then there were those who actually had a special edition. Right now we came to the point where nearly every top game has a special edition and many have two or three different editions, some of which are exclusive to particular stores. And they sell like cookies. And to make it even worse, some are pretty crappy and include little more than a different package and some downloadable codes.

Thankfully it was not the case with this version of Assassin's Creed II. The Black Edition is actually packed with many goodies. No I did not get any other edition of this particular game, and I seriously don't expect to get them until I find a fine price drop. The Special Film Edition will certainly be an exception as it's not as easy to get. This Black Edition was a preorder as well, otherwise I'd probably be stuck with a used edition for a stupid price off ebay right now. Damn it.

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