Modern Warfare fever is rising up.

It's almost here, the most amazing shooter of recent times. Modern Warfare 2 is about to hit the stores with at least 2 collector's editions, including the heavly sough-after Prestige Edition. I already have one european edition preordered since last summer but I will only be happy once I have it in my hands as I never know if the stock will last to fill my order. I hope so because I really don't like to see it reaching prices of 300+ pounds on ebay >_>

With all the MW2 hype rising everywhere (what about the boycott?) I thought it was the right time to target something important I've left behind until now:

PS: Yes I will get the exclusive Veteran Edition as well :)

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Meet the new members of the family =)

Finally, the older syster of my first consle ever has made it to my collection. I'm quite glad I bought this piece of history. This ones the "Plus" pack, which comes with the extra gun. There's also a similar pack for SMSII.

Yes it's true, up to this point I missed one of the most important videogaing pieces ever. The original Gameboy with black and white screen. I was never given this little gem when I was a kid and it took me plenty of time to get it because I had other priorities. Now that a good chance came up, I decided to buy it.

Okay so this might not be as old as the other two, but it's a very interesting item. The most beautiful PS2 console in my opinion. I felt in love when I first saw it, and now I finally have one in mint condition with a near perfect box :)

I'm happy to say that my console list is nearly completed. I'm missing only Megadrive 1 and both mega CDs as well as one Gameboy Pocket from the older consoles. However, my top priority will be getting a complete Multi Mega console. It will take some months because I'm more concerned with this terrible wave of new releases during the Xmas season and so little money available right now. Once I get all the games I want from this season within the next 4 months or so, I'll search the whole world for a complete MultiMega.
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Tired as hell...

... and with little patience to update this blog. But since I have some new stuff to post here and even great things heading my way now, gotta spend some time taking pictures and updating the blog. It doesn't hurt much. Here it goes...
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