I don't know how some of my posts have so few views...

... and others get so many. This is probably one of those getting the biggest number of views, because it's a well known and sought after The Last of Us UK press kit. I must thank Jacob for making me an offer I couldn't refuse. My press kit is actually signed. 

I've played the game from start to end and I absolutely loved it. I think there was space for certain improvements so I wouldn't consider it a 10/10 game, but definitely a remarkable videogaming experience and I enjoyed every bit.

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And yet another country exclusive

It took me quite some time (several years...) to finally get something I've been wanting to buy for a long time. It's not rare or expensive, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Then suddenly a factory sealed copy appeared before my eyes and I though that was the moment to finally get it. Sorrym don't get too impressed, because it's nothing that special. It's just the french version of Gran Turismo 2 with a slightly different cover, double CD case and bonus disc with extra content. Totally worth it, since GT2 is still one of my racing faves out there. It's still factory sealed with a couple tiny cracks on the case that don't worry me that much.

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