The power of God. To Create worlds

This has to be one of the most original games released in a long time since the 2D platformers were almost left behind in the newest generation of consoles. In fact, this childish-looking game is one of the greatest creations in recent times, and will certainly become a reference.

Little Big Planet combines all the ingredients of a great game: its a game for everyone, very good graphics, provides very enjoyable online experience and it kinda resurrects the 2d platforms gameplay spirit into a brand new world of limitless opportunities in 3d. Media Molecul really did a great job with this title. Sackboy is now an idol :)

Here's my little something now:

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iT ScAreS mE a loT...

... not the game itself, but the fact that I am still missing so many editions of Resident Evil... And I also hate when I have things that I forget to add to these collection photos. Let's see what I forgot to add to the picture:

-Resident Evil 4 Collector's edition DVD
-Resident Evil 0 for Gamecube
-Resident Evil 4 with art cards and bonus disc from the Gamecube Resident Evil Limited Edition
-Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

Now let's see what I'm missing (teh horror teh horror):
-Resident Evil 2 and 3 for DC
-Resident Evil 2, 3 and Code Veronica X for GC
-Resident Evil 2 for N64
-Resident Evil Survivor for PS1
-Resident Evil Dead Aim for PS2
-Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles for Wii
-Resident Evil 4 Limited Edition slipcase for GC.

And I think I did not forget anything this time. So much stuff...

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Final Fantasy Updated

There are so many games, editions and consoles of Final Fantasy to collect, that if I wanted to complete my Final Fantasy Wishlist I would have to sacrifice many other games and consoles. In the past few years my Final Fantasy collection did not increase that much if you consider what there is to buy.

Before moving into games from other regions, I still wish to complete my PAL collection. This means that I will have to get the PSP versions of I and II, the european version of FFIV, all the Xbox 360 games (there are at least 5 of them ), Chrystal Chronicles Rings of Fire and Tactics A2 for DS, Crystal Cronicles box set for GC and possibly some spin-offs like Final Fantasy Fables on the Wii and Chocobo Racing for PS1. I do have some other spin-offs but I left them out of the picture. Once I have all those editions, I will move to some country exclusives such as:

-PS2 version of FFXI
-Gameboy games (Legends I, II III and Adventure)
-American titles for SNES
-Final Fantasy Tactics for the american PS1.

Only after that I will focus on getting the Original NES and SNES japanese editions, as well as some limited console versions that will be a pain to obtain. So far, I hope you enjoy my collection - it probably does not contain many games that most serious Final Fantasy collectors out there consider a "must", but this is my own collection :) And if you compare with the previous picture that I posted in 2006 over here, you'll see the collection still grew a bit :)
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Portuguese Purple Exclusives for Master System

I usually don't mind if the editions I buy are portuguese or from different countries. Sometimes it is best for me to find a foreign version of a rare game for a cheaper price as much as the language of the game remains in english. However, not always that is possible. Some games are one-country exclusives and I have to search for the in the original place they were released.

And that's the case of the portuguese purple versions of master system. These editions were released much later, when Mega Drive took the place of the older 8bit console in worldwide markets. Ecofilmes, the official distributor in Portugal, released the latest version of Master System (III Compact) which was officially released in Brazil by the hand of Tec Toy. Following Brazil's example of keeping a very successfull console still alive and for a cheaper price in the market, Ecofilmes decided to release their own edition of 16 Tec Toy games, some of wich are in fact unavailable elsewhere in the world besides Brazil, Portugal and Spain. So far I was able to get 13 of those 16 games as well as the console itself. The public attention was already concentrated on Mega Drive by the time these games came out and by that time not many people wouldn't be willing to buy an old console despite its cheap price. Basically, it is not easy to spot these games even in Portugal. Many of them have already left the country directly into foreign collectors' homes.

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They started in a basement. With rats...

Guitar Hero World Tour is the latest release in the Guitar Hero series originally released as a PS2 Exclusive. The game was really good, but seriously I don't think that's a reason to justify the release of at least six different games in such a short period of time (and that is excluding the portable versions...). Anyway, last Xmas my only gift (well not my only, but the only big one besides chocolates) was the complete band kit for the 360. Yes, I was quite happy. These editions are expensive, I hear of an economical crisis going around all over the world, yet such expensive game disappeared from stores faster than the candies Santa was giving away at the mall. In fact I first noticed it was already released over here when I saw several people carrying the box around. Impressive...

The item in the pic something you probably don't have and even I don't know what's inside because it's still sealed. But yes it's another one of those press kits. I hope to find another one unsealed to find out what it really as, because if it depends on me I'll just let it sealed.
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Zombies and stuff...

Creepy game, the one above... I can't really talk about it as I don't own the previous two and have not played any. But I know it's about creepy things in a survival horror style. The box is also creepy but at least it looks better than the Resistance 2 tin. A small box containing hidden papers, pictures and postcards, as well as the game disc and the additional disc. Rare and unusual, another item worth collecting.

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Resistance, but not against rust

Resistance was one of the first games on PS3, and probably one of the best options to spend your cash when the console was released. If you still have not played Resistance and enjoy shooters, then you should. It's a very nice experience. Unless of course you start whining about the lack of realism, as tha's not what resistance is supposed to be. I kinda enjoyed the first game and I am not a fan of shooters (DEFFINITELY NOT!). The fisrt game gave me some hours of joy but this one is a little boring, don't ask me why. It looks amazing to be honest, but it's not providing me enough enjoyment and I'm almost finishing the game. Besides, I only have the pre-release version and I've noticed several problems.

Anyway, I don't really like this edition. An imitation of an old tin case with real rust, containing some old papers and the two discs in the middle. This reminds me of the 24 The Game Edition, which is something similar (except it's a box of cigars that even smells bad on purpose!). I don't quite understand the meaning of theses boxes. It's like they are covering that a particular game is inside, probably expecting to surprise those vip employees that get them for free by mail every now and then (no I'm not one of those, I have to suffer and sell my soul sometimes if I want to get these editions). It looks ugly, dirty, and... it's not something that looks very nice for displat purposes. I hate rust, my regular tin editions start getting rust after a couple of yeas and I have to buy them again in factory sealed condition. Now I bought a special varnish to prevent that from happening.

Okay too much talk now, enjoy the pic (contents were left inside the box except the only clue that shows it belongs to Resistance 2).

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Agressive in the Pacific

The following edition belongs to a very well-known racing game on PS3: Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I have not tested the game myself yet as I've been enjoying the fact that I managed to get this complete edition from a very very kind person from the UK.

It does not contain anything that special but it does look very nice. The outer case resembles a tire, and even has grains of sand glued to it - very nice! Comes with two discs (one being the game), several leaflets, one poster and one of those id tags with info about the game. Also has a rubber band with the game logo on it. No big deal as I said, despite being one of the most important exclusives on PS3 :)

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Happy New Year 2009

It's never too late to wish you a Happy New Year 2009. It's been a while since the last update. But I have been busy and to be honest, a little lazy when it comes to write and take pictures of the new games I have. I still have some thigns I never showed until now.

Seriously, I expect to decrease the quantity of the games I buy this year. I have been spending too much cash every month, specially now that I have a job. But I need to think about my future, start saving some cash for the next years of the economic crisis, and also start paying taxes very soon. That sucks. A lot. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up on buying more games. I'll just reduce the purchases, search for better deals, sell some repeated and common games I get every now and then to make a profit allowing me to buy new ones.

I expect to update this blog next weekend. Promises, promises... anyway, this is for my personal enjoyment as not that many people visit this blog.
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