Pictures coming right up...

As you can see, I decided to write about the next updates before posting a single picture. I just felt like doing that. I bet almost nobody reads the text anyway. I bet the few that visit the blog are just hoping for pictures. I'm just a regular guy posting pics of his collection, some of which belong to games I never intended to play in the first place. I also spend a lot of time complaining about... nearly everything so I believe there isn't much point in reading the texts.

So why to I write then? That's easy. Because I like to write about my editions, to say what I think about this game or the edition itself, or simply because I want to explain why I bought it. Ok sometimes it's just to brag that I have this or that, but still... I simply like to write whatever I feel like without thinking too much. I take it as a hobby. Spending time taking pictures, looking at my items, listing them individually on my blog is also part of collecting and I do it because I like. My collection is not just buying games to play anymore. Collecting involves more than that right now. It takes a lot of patience, and I really mean a lot but even after all these years that's probably one of the few things in life I still haven't grew tired of.

You can expect pictures by tomorrow and during the weekend. Besides adding the pictures of the editions I also expect to create some other posts and show some more regular games. I am currently taking care of the next major update =).

By the way, you probably noticed sometimes I write some words that make no sense, or some letters are just missing from a word. My English might not be the best in the world (>_>), but most of these typos happen because I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard that likes to eat some keys when I press them and every now and then it replaces certain letters with others that have nothing to do. Unfortunately I cannot track all the typos of my text, I found a few that I wish to correct but I won't be able to find them all. I just felt like explaining that.



  1. hi there, ive been an admirer of the site for quite a while now, and with a keen interest in games myself im always gobsmacked in the editions you come up with. I write because i fear i may be in need of your help and knowledge. im a huge fan of the motorstorm series and am eager to find an apocalypse press kit. i have seen proof they exist but want to know if you can tell me anywhere i can find one if the usual route of waiting for an ebay special. if youve any info or want to chat elsewhere my address is japkegs@hotmail.co.uk . thank you so much for reading, and moreso if you reply

  2. Believe it or not... your comment was waiting for moderation and I only saw it now because I stopped receiving alerts for some reason I don't know >_>