Now it's the heroes' fashion this year?

And finally, two games came out: DC Online Universe with a fancy press kit I got for a fair price and Marvel VS Capcom 3. Unfortunately, there is no Limited Edition for us in Europe for this second game. We only got a bonus comic book and Gamestation also released the Tin case for free. But the tin case is nothing but an extra you get with the regular copy of the game. It doesn't even come sealed. Shame, shame! I hate these crappy tin cases. They look good but they are cheap versions of the original DVD steelbooks and as cheap as they are, they rust over the years. And the great looking tins will drive me crazy once they get rusty. I hate that with all my heart!

As far as the games go, I still didn't have the chance to play DC Universe. Being an online only game doesn't help either. I don't really like to play online that much, I'd rather play against friends and people that I know on a VS mode. Marvel VS Capcom 3 is an awesome game, too bad that I suck at it and get easily irritated. I love Street Fighter 4 and can do quite well even against strong opponents online, but this one? I suck at it. Tried very hard, lost the first round 4 or 5 times and the only chance I had to win that first round I lost because I forgot to remove the time limit and it ended. Sure, I had less life when it ended, but the remaining opponent didn't have much either so I did have a chance. I finished the game several times in Normal and Hard modes but never played online because I knew I'd be badly owned. But this game can become frustrating, at least for me, so I'd rather stop before I kill myself or destroy the controller... >_>

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