This! Is!.... Ghost of Sparta!

Yes you heard about it. Yes Sony was offering it on the PSN website. No I did not win it. Yes I did pay for it. No it wasn't expensive. Yes I was lucky. No, I did not play this one yet, and I believe it's the only GoW game I still haven't played. And yes I do expect to play the game once I get the original copy.

I know this game stands somewhere after II and before III. I finished the previous PSP game and loved it but unfortunately I now have other things to play, such as Golden Sun on my Nintendo DS. This one will have to wait for a while, but I'll eventually play it. This press kit is not as impressive as the one for PS3, which is a good thing in a way, mainly because of the amazingly stupid prices some people ask for it, EVEN WHEN THE TRUE VALUE WAS LISTED ON THE PSN WEBSITE. But noooo, nowadays it's the press kit fever. "Oh Noes I got this really crappy press kit with is just a bunch of promo items and a disc, gonna sell for £200 on ebay because people actually pay for it!"

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