The game that really stressed me... Is back to stress me again!!

And I swear for God's sake that this will be the next thing I will be playing after I finish the games I'm now playing. I played the first title on the PS3 not too long ago, soon after finishing Resi Evil 5. Oh boy, if it wasn't a refreshing experience in the Survival Horror department... I was the best game of it's genre I have played in a very long time, and it did cause a lot of stress on me because some parts can really scare the hell out of one person. I'm not the sort to get scared just like that, but I stress a lot with the suspense of knowing something's gonna happen or show up but not knowing when. The atmosphere of this game is just fantastic. The only thing I hated was those sorts of vacuum areas with air coming from the floor that would simply thorn Isaac apart... I found that was stupid. But the rest of the game was an awesome experience to play!

Bellow is the only collector's edition that came to Europe with the replica of the Plasma Cutter. Unfortunately the gun is kinda sucky, it doesn't even rotate! At the very least that thing could rotate!!

Anyway, this shouldn't be the version I'll be playing. I will be getting one of the PS3 pal editions which comes with Extraction (I don't have it for the Wii) and plan to get through that game first!

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