The newly released Mega Drive games

I have to say... when I preordered Pier Solar, I never expected that a few guys could pull out such an amazing masterpiece.


All said. Everything about this game is good: the graphics are very impressive for a 16bit game made by fans, the soundtrack is amazing and the improving soundtrack CD that allows you to get a better sound quality while playing thanks to the Mega CD... to me that is something totally out of this world. The package this comes with is so beautiful and professionally done that it totally made me drool. I still did not play the game. I can hardly wait to play it, but after watching an unboxing video of this beauty I wasn't able to open my package. Instead, I peordered the reprint edition and I promised myself I will unbox my Sega Mega Drive 2 (oh wait, it's already unboxed!) and I will deffinitely play it as soon as I get it! And honestly, I can hardly wait.

Besides Pier Solar, there's also another game I recently ordered from Super Fighter Team: The Legend of Wukong. Some time ago I also bought Beggar Prince from them. When I realized this game had artwork to manual, cover and cartridge, I rushed to get one of the 1st/2nd print versions and was able to get it off ebay for about £30. I know these games are not really new, instead they are adapted versions of games that never came out of certain countries in asia. But still, it makes me quite happy!

For now, I think I have all the latest releases fr the Sega Mega Drive Console: Pier Solar, Legend of Wukong and the two main versions of Beggar Prince! It's awesome that after such a long time people are still producing games for such an old and amazing console!

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