Look! That guy killed another one!

I've already gotten Assassin's Creed II Black Edition for the 360 but since I'm taking my collection quite seriously I've kept it sealed and sealed it shall remain. Then the Codex Edition for Brotherhood came out. There was this White Edition I as still missing but I obviously expected to get it. Well, for 30 euros or so, I thought it was a good option, especially because I really wanted to play the game. So I opened my white edition this time and decided to play the game. Honestly, I barely knew this was a sandbox game. I was expecting something more... straightforward. After all those 10 (if not 100s) of hours playing different GTA games and such, I kinda grew tired of sandbox games. This game however did fairly well. A little repetitive, but overall the story develops fairly well and it's actually enjoyable to play. I eventually finished the game but obviously left a lot of things to do to save my patience for other games and I no longer have the spare time to play like I used to in the past. Instead of perfecting games I just move on to others now.

I must say that the Codex edition is one of the greatest collector's editions I've seen lately. Not because it's impressive, but because it is a very complete edition, brings a lot of extra stuff and all fit in a nicely looking box (although the plastic feels kinda cheap, but it's not much worse than GoW III's Pandora's Box anyway). The only think missing is a better outer package (Halo Reach anyone?) and an action figure or statue like the previous games. But then, it's not a huge box that wastes a lot of space and costs a lot of money such as many of the latest special editions and the price was pretty good for all it comes with: 90 euros, just about 20 euros more than most regular games on their release date over here. Deffinitely worth purchasing in my opinion!

I'm still missing Auditore Edition though, but that was just a handicaped Codex Edition with less contents and the difference in price was so small it almost makes no sense to buy it over the Codex one. It does look very good though, great eyecandy effect they got in there. But I'd rather have a beautiful babe's face on the box... Still, something I'll try to get in the future but not right now.

Pictures are (obviously) from the PS3 versions of Assassins Creed II White Edition and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Codex Edition.

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