The Real Driving Simulation. It ran over my wallet!! Twice!!

After such a long time, Gran Turismo 5 is finally here. And with it came a stupidly expensive edition, a press kit and a collectors edition as well. Damn! I'm getting a little tired of editions that almost cost as much as the console itself, it just makes no sense. But still, people buy them and Sony makes more. f these editions get so expensive in the future I won't be able to get them just like that. Oh well...

I must say that I was not really expecting much from this game any longer. I did not think of playing it, but still decided to give it a try. I was kinda impressed. The game surely lives up for its hype in my opinion. The gameplay is awesome, the physics in this game are really unique compared to anything else I've played on a console. The graphics however are not what I was expecting. Gran Turismo 1 to 3 were really impressive graphically speaking, but this one is... god, but not very impressive in my opinion. I got all gold licenses and still made gold on a few special events such as the AMG race in the rain. One of the races took me hours to get gold and it almost drove me nuts as it seemed fairly impossible and no matter how good I was doing I just couldn't get any better than 1 sec away from gold which was barely enough for silver. Yeah I'm talking about the first race on Grand Tour SE. That was tough. Eventually I removed the game from the console after a couple of weeks without completing most regular events. To be fair, I played GT1 to 3 for such a long time that I eventually grew tired of the game. I was still great to played it, I really loved the game, but unfortunately I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon with so many things to play.

Pics are from the Portuguese Signature Edition still sealed, Portuguese Collector's edition and the Press Kit =). No I did not try to get the real car with the card that comes with the signature edition. I don't like B-spec and even if I won the car I would just sell it. I wouldn't be able to maintain a car like that unless I won the lottery.

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