Vampires are sexy now. When will zombies become too?

Dead Rising was a game that came out by the time I did not have an Xbox 360. Although I got the game at a bargain price and I'm still missing the tin edition, I decided to pick up this Outbreak Edition for PS3. The Zombrex edition may come to my collection some time soo, especially if it's the 360 version. People talk about how bad this game is compared to the 360 version, but as far as I can tell, according to reviews, the problems are only details. I'm not a graphic whore, plus the PS3 version was still available for a cheaper price. So who cares if the 360 is a little better if I compare the pixels on the screen? I really don't mind. Yes, I don't like to know that producers are not doing their job properly. But that's a different discussion.

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