Resident Evil 5 PAL Boxset? I really had no idea!

Ya know that limited edition that came out in several countries with different goodies? Ya probably also know that all we European costumers got was only a crappy steelbook edition with no extra content at all...


The Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition Boxset had a PAL release in Australia and it's very very similar to the US version. It comes with all the items the american version had. It's an Australian exclusive, but it surely is the PAL version.

I bought the game for the PS3 some time ago and finished it. It was quite enjoyable to play but... where was the "horror" anyway? It is a survival game for sure but it doesn't scare anyone I think... This game was a walk in a park compared to Dead Space.Still, as I already said, it was enjoyable to play. I prefer they leave the co-op alone or create an alternative mode for that if they want to but this is the sort of game I'd like to play alone. I've had a lot of trouble beating the final Uroboros, and I really mean a lot of trouble. It wouldn't kill me easily, but after wasting all my ammo it was not dying. Even after knowing I had to shoot those bulbs it releases once it's weakened, I still did not quite figure why the hell it took me so long to kill it. Now zombies are inteligent and can run fast. They kinda did that already in RE4, but I miss the old dumb zombies... Give T-virus back, please?? Thank you.

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