The next COD game will offer you a real AK7 for just €500.

Yup... for about 130 euros I got the prestige edition with the incomplete hardened edition and the RC car. They surely have some original ideas, but stupidly high prices for a single game. It took me a while until I decided to buy the game. First, I said I wasn't going to buy that. But then... I ended up buying. I am a weak person, really...

Finished the game. Good, but more of the same without nothing original... Storyline is nice but a little confusing. The ending is pretty good though, a little unexpected. I do have trouble understanding all those americanized soldiers are saying... I'm not really a fan of shooters, but I must say that MW2 1 and 2, but specially 1, are the best of their kind in recent years.

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