€50 the machine gun? I'll just take the helmet thanks.

Another one of those amazingly expensive editions that nearly cost as much as a 2nd hand console... Sony, you are going off the road... These editions might be limited, but of course most dedicated players and collectors will want it, so you know you can make some extra cash of of them. Then I have to blame myself for buying them because I'm stupid. I like them, I mus say I do, but the prices are STUPIDLY HIGH! The price for regular games are already stupidly hi over here. And this takes a lot of space too, where am I going to keep this if I already have two Halo Prestige Editions, plus several Guitar Heroes, a GT5 Signature Edition and a same sized press kit, a few steering wheels and the console boxes alone... that's a lot of space... They really don't want one single person to own all the editions do they?

Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, portuguese version. I was sure they would release a Portuguese version for this. I just didn't know that there were so few to the point where I only got this because I preordered. I never found one for sale in stores even during the release day.

Do the designers think we like to have the boxes ina very bad condition or something? Why the hell did they make the box seem that it's worn out and in bad condition? hat guy never got his designer diploma for sure. Some people still did not find out how to use brains...

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