That's what happen to people if they catch too much sun.

A paradise turned into a deadly field with zombies running around killing the few survivors. Sounds nice. Nothing too original at first, but zombie games are usually... good? Maybe.

Anyway, I still didn't have the chance to play this game but thankfully I was able to preorder and receive the rarest editions of all: the Dead Island Treasure Edition. This is another one of those exclusives that came directly from game4game. The wooden box is quite nice! It looks great, it's quite big, it's only missing some finishing though. As for the contents... they are no bid deal. The sweatshirt is much nicer that a regular t-shirt these editions usually include. The comic book is a nice addition but nothing special. The art cards are good but they should include some sort of package and not just come lose like that. And finally, there isn't that much else inside the box, not even a certificate of authenticity because it was pulled back. I got the xbox 360 version of this game, which is currently factory sealed and comes with an Austrian back cover.

Overall, considering the total price of this edition, which should have been a little less, I am satisfied. It's very limited and it sold out so fast that I am not disappointed to be the proud owner of this nice looking wooden box, limited to 266 units. It's a nice item to have in a collection, better than other editions I've seen so far such as the red edition or the regular special edition. The Survival pack is also something I will want to find in the future but right now I can't buy that. There are many editions coming out and there's no way I can buy the same game 4 times or more. So I'm happy with this edition despite its poor contents.

I just hope the game is good as well. The critics are not that good, but not bad either so I know this is one game I'll have to try for myself before making judgments.

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