I lost my souls when I died... and my money when I bought this.

I must say that I sold a part of my soul to get my hands on this rather rare press kit for the game Dark Souls and now I'l regretting a little... I mean... It's just not worth to pay so much for things that really don't have much value because their quality doesn't meet what it would be expected... With the money I've spent on this, I could have bought two or three of the most recent collector's editions, but I didn't. It's a shame, but I know that with time my remorse will go away. The box is a little fragile, mainly made of card with several stickers covering it. Comes with a very small book, a zippo and the promo version of the game, all placed in a foam inner support. I've seen this only three times for sale and the first one ended for over twice as much as I paid for mine. But now I see it really isn't worth that much for sure.

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