There's only one World. Fake.

It took me a very long tome to finally decide to buy this edition, until I couldn't hold any longer and bought it. I left behind two other editions from the previous game, the smaller Premium Edition and the most recent Velvet Edition, which unfortunately I don't think I'll get any time soon. The game itself looks pretty good but unfortunately the reviews were not that great. This is yet another game I never really planned to play but I believe it has some gameplay issues looking at the videos. I can't really judge the game without playing. This "Strict Limited" (yah right...) Royal Edition includes a good looking tough box, a Dragon Queen Hand-painted figure and a small hard cover artbook among other goodies. It's pretty nice, slightly bigger than Assassin'c Creed Black Edition but still has an acceptable size, not TOO large... I'd rate it 8/10.

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