Resident Evil games will never be the same...

... or so I though after I played the 4th and 5th titles. I mean... the 4th game is great, and the 5th game is also very good, but they can hardly be called survival horror games... I miss the old T-virus and all those dumb zombies lurking around town... Resident Evil Revelations was finally released on Nintendo 3DS and I really needed to play that game. I loved it I must say. I loved it much more than the last few games (not counting the spin-offs). This really takes the game a little back to its roots, but this time it offers some very ugly and stupid monsters that have almost anything to do with zombies... They call it the T-abyss virus... PU-LEASE just call it whatever you want but if there ain't no zombies don't call it T! Really!

Anyway, I still enjoyed the game quite a bit and went straight to the end in just a few days. Also played some of the extra missions and they are very enjoyable, with level ups and weapons to purchase and upgrade. As you can tell already, I got the Circle Pad Pro bundle. It really improves the gameplay by quite a bit. I can't play this game without it and I believe that, looking at how good the gameplay for this game is with the extra analogue stick, it will be very useful to other games in the future. At first I though it would be a stupid thing for Nintendo to release such an add-on, but now I take that back! My only concern though is that sooner or later new versions of the console will be released and the analogue stick ill be integrated in the console itself. This is 99,99% guaranteed and by that time I will want to spend on that new model. And that sucks...

If you have a Nintendo 3DS and still didn't get this game, please do yourself a favour and get it now - it's not just one of the best games in the console with impressive 3D effects but also one of the best Resident Evil games I played in a long time.

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