Final Fantasy Updated

There are so many games, editions and consoles of Final Fantasy to collect, that if I wanted to complete my Final Fantasy Wishlist I would have to sacrifice many other games and consoles. In the past few years my Final Fantasy collection did not increase that much if you consider what there is to buy.

Before moving into games from other regions, I still wish to complete my PAL collection. This means that I will have to get the PSP versions of I and II, the european version of FFIV, all the Xbox 360 games (there are at least 5 of them ), Chrystal Chronicles Rings of Fire and Tactics A2 for DS, Crystal Cronicles box set for GC and possibly some spin-offs like Final Fantasy Fables on the Wii and Chocobo Racing for PS1. I do have some other spin-offs but I left them out of the picture. Once I have all those editions, I will move to some country exclusives such as:

-PS2 version of FFXI
-Gameboy games (Legends I, II III and Adventure)
-American titles for SNES
-Final Fantasy Tactics for the american PS1.

Only after that I will focus on getting the Original NES and SNES japanese editions, as well as some limited console versions that will be a pain to obtain. So far, I hope you enjoy my collection - it probably does not contain many games that most serious Final Fantasy collectors out there consider a "must", but this is my own collection :) And if you compare with the previous picture that I posted in 2006 over here, you'll see the collection still grew a bit :)

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