Resistance, but not against rust

Resistance was one of the first games on PS3, and probably one of the best options to spend your cash when the console was released. If you still have not played Resistance and enjoy shooters, then you should. It's a very nice experience. Unless of course you start whining about the lack of realism, as tha's not what resistance is supposed to be. I kinda enjoyed the first game and I am not a fan of shooters (DEFFINITELY NOT!). The fisrt game gave me some hours of joy but this one is a little boring, don't ask me why. It looks amazing to be honest, but it's not providing me enough enjoyment and I'm almost finishing the game. Besides, I only have the pre-release version and I've noticed several problems.

Anyway, I don't really like this edition. An imitation of an old tin case with real rust, containing some old papers and the two discs in the middle. This reminds me of the 24 The Game Edition, which is something similar (except it's a box of cigars that even smells bad on purpose!). I don't quite understand the meaning of theses boxes. It's like they are covering that a particular game is inside, probably expecting to surprise those vip employees that get them for free by mail every now and then (no I'm not one of those, I have to suffer and sell my soul sometimes if I want to get these editions). It looks ugly, dirty, and... it's not something that looks very nice for displat purposes. I hate rust, my regular tin editions start getting rust after a couple of yeas and I have to buy them again in factory sealed condition. Now I bought a special varnish to prevent that from happening.

Okay too much talk now, enjoy the pic (contents were left inside the box except the only clue that shows it belongs to Resistance 2).

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