Oh... My... GOD!

As you can probably guess, several months without posting anything here means I still have several items to show, but it's enough for today, so I will end it with something really special that I never ever imagined I would be able to get...

I originally entered this competition because I had some ideas about what to do. My drawing skills are kinda rusty and my digital artwork skills are very poor, but after some time and effort I've decided that I should enter the competition. I never really expected to win anything, but I actually did win. This has to be the first press kit I've ever gotten without having to pay anythign for it. 

The prize is possibly my newest number one item because it's both awesome and extremely hard to get. I must say that, however, I was slightly disappointed though... This was supposed to come individually numbered, but the version I received has no number :(. On top of that, I was expecting to win a PAL version but ended up getting an american version instead. In the long term the american version might be worth a lot more, but since I am mostly a PAL collector I'd love to get my hands in a PAL version of this - something that is close to impossible. 

Anyway, I can't complain much - I have a new "rarest" item in my collection, and  - I must say - a very special one: The Ducktales Remastered Press Kit with the working NES golden cartridge. This competition was open for residents in US and Europe. I can hardly ever win national competitions for much less important things, let alone something so special with such a global scale. The thing is, I did win and I still find hard to believe... 

In order to win this, there were several options: either sing the Ducktales opening theme, draw a classic Capcom game cover with the Ducktales crew or "duckify" a Capcom character so it could fit Disney's and Ducktales' universe. I've decided not to complicate things and make a duck version of the most notable character in Street Fighter series: Ryu. The final result definitely isn't a pro level masterpiece, but for someone inexperienced with computer drawings I even surprised myself. It took me some time to create it, and every second and minute I've spent working on it was totally worth it!  

I'm now the proud owner of one of these beauties, out of 150 produced in total. When they announced the initial set of winners one day before the end of the competition and I saw Capcom's e-mail saying I was one of the winners, I nearly fainted. I was stressing so much after losing my first and greatest chance of winning one of these copies that I never imagined I would eventually win one in the bigger competition.

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Controllers everywhere

Just a small update with two bundles that took me some time to get (because their prices took too long to drop :P), both for the 360: the Halo ODST Special Edition bundle with the green controller (not a big fan of that controller...) and the Sega Rally Online Arcade Wireless Speed Wheel bundle.

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What? Another PC game? No way!

Yup, I've bought another CE for PC, for a game that I actually don't know that well -  Total War: Shogun 2 Collector' Edition. For a reduced price of 20 euros, I've decided to get it. I know there's a bigger one out there, but not being a huge PC collector this was a good purchase :)

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And the second reason why I still haven't updated the blog...

... yup, it's Pokémon. With almost 400 hours of game and a complete pokédex, I seriously wasn't expecting to spend such a long time with this game. The last game I played before this was Ruby. I've just made a huge comeback. Pictured bellow are Pokémon X (sealed), Pokémon Y (currently playing) and the preorder bonus Pokkeball cart case, still in the official plastic bag. One of the coolest preorder items yet :). I didn't change the background on this one because it's troublesome to deal with the pokéball's plastic bag.

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The first reason why I haven't updated this blog in a while...

^... is because this beauty came out and I couldn't resist to play it on day one. I even bought a regular copy of the game for the PS3 to play the game before the CE arrived at my door. GTA V is a beast of a game, seriously, it's so huge and so impressive that it's impossible not to be surprised. It's been a long time since I was so surprised with a videogame - not just with its graphics and quality, but with the huge amount of work, complexity and detail behind this game. Even now, after beating the game and attempting to get 100% (damn collectibles...), I am still impressed with it.

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I could have died that day

Not too long ago, I left home and went shopping after dinner. As usual, I walked around the shopping centre visiting the regular places where you can usually find games. Every now and then it's possible to spot a bargain so I visit these stores once in a while. This time I was absolutely surprised to find something I wasn't expecting - at all.

I visited that particular store two months ago when it was being remodelled, so half its area was closed at that time. This store is just one in many around the area I live at because it's part of one of the biggest multimedia stores' chains around the country. On this day, the store was fully remodelled and working normally. I walked in and rushed to the videogame section, ignoring everything else just like I always do most of the times. I looked at the showcase behind the information balcony, and to my surprise, I found this baby sitting there, without a price tag. I immediately asked how much it was, expecting to hear an exorbitant price, but since there was no tag the employee had to find out first. So I came back a few minutes later and once I heard the price there was no way I would leave this over there: The Last of Us statue, exactly the same statue you get when buying the north-american Post Pandemic Edition. I knew it was available separately but I seriously never expecting to find one for sale over here, much less in that particular store for only 50 euros. No brainer! The inserts even have space to hold the game and the artbook :).

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It's been a while :)

Yup, it's been a while. It's not the first time I take a break from updating this blog, but I usually don't take so long. I'm still unemployed but thankfully I have quite a few things to do to keep me busy. I seriously need to get a job soon but things over here are quite messy and I don't intend to emigrate just yet, unless I really don't have a choice...

I recently switched rooms and now I'm in a room a little larger than the previous I had. I've managed to gain some extra space and bought two new bookcases to place most of my regular retro games. It's looking better than ever and I am quite happy to see some evolution in the way I store and display my games. A new bookcase will be coming soon to store regular DVD-sized game cases from the last 2 gens (mostly PS2, PS3 and Xbox games). Hopefully all regular games will be stored in this room and my old one will be used exclusively to keep and expose the larger boxes, collector's edition and press kits. 

This is just a small picture of how it looks like now, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Not everything's finished yet, but hopefully it will soon...

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