It's been a while :)

Yup, it's been a while. It's not the first time I take a break from updating this blog, but I usually don't take so long. I'm still unemployed but thankfully I have quite a few things to do to keep me busy. I seriously need to get a job soon but things over here are quite messy and I don't intend to emigrate just yet, unless I really don't have a choice...

I recently switched rooms and now I'm in a room a little larger than the previous I had. I've managed to gain some extra space and bought two new bookcases to place most of my regular retro games. It's looking better than ever and I am quite happy to see some evolution in the way I store and display my games. A new bookcase will be coming soon to store regular DVD-sized game cases from the last 2 gens (mostly PS2, PS3 and Xbox games). Hopefully all regular games will be stored in this room and my old one will be used exclusively to keep and expose the larger boxes, collector's edition and press kits. 

This is just a small picture of how it looks like now, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Not everything's finished yet, but hopefully it will soon...

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