I could have died that day

Not too long ago, I left home and went shopping after dinner. As usual, I walked around the shopping centre visiting the regular places where you can usually find games. Every now and then it's possible to spot a bargain so I visit these stores once in a while. This time I was absolutely surprised to find something I wasn't expecting - at all.

I visited that particular store two months ago when it was being remodelled, so half its area was closed at that time. This store is just one in many around the area I live at because it's part of one of the biggest multimedia stores' chains around the country. On this day, the store was fully remodelled and working normally. I walked in and rushed to the videogame section, ignoring everything else just like I always do most of the times. I looked at the showcase behind the information balcony, and to my surprise, I found this baby sitting there, without a price tag. I immediately asked how much it was, expecting to hear an exorbitant price, but since there was no tag the employee had to find out first. So I came back a few minutes later and once I heard the price there was no way I would leave this over there: The Last of Us statue, exactly the same statue you get when buying the north-american Post Pandemic Edition. I knew it was available separately but I seriously never expecting to find one for sale over here, much less in that particular store for only 50 euros. No brainer! The inserts even have space to hold the game and the artbook :).

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